Sustainability Action Plan

At NAU, we live, learn, research, and advocate sustainability principles with the goal of meeting the needs of the 21st century to bring positive, lasting change. Sustainability is an ideology we hope to instill in our faculty, staff, and students that will guide them through the rest of their professional and personal lives. In 2010, to assist in guiding the NAU community towards more sustainable living, we created an 2010 Action Plan. In 2015, we've revised the plan to make even more detailed and specific actionable items. The revised Sustainability Action Plan is divided into seven key areas. The Plan is a list of best practices that has been adapted to NAU's needs and capacity and will be implemented within the context of available resources. Contact the Office of Sustainability to get involved in creating this living document that is changing the way NAU impacts the world. Check out the pages below to learn more about our current goals in each action area.  

Successful progress on the Sustainability Action Plan will be measured by reporting achievements on 25% of each sections’ actions by 2015, 50% by 2016, 70% by 2017, 80% by 2018, 90% by 2019, and 100% by 2020.

Read the SAP 2015 Progress Report

Websites and revised sections of the Sustainability Action Plan:
Recycling and Waste Minimization
Energy and Climate
Academics and Research

Contact Ellen Vaughan for more information:
Office of Sustainability Manager
Facility Services
(o) 928-523-1791