N AZ Pollinator Habitat Initiative



NAZPHI Seeks to promote the creation, protection, and registration of pollinator habitat across Northern Arizona.

Who we are:

We are a diverse group of non-profits, local governments, scholars, gardeners, and concerned individuals from Northern Arizona working to bring back our pollinating friends. We work to reduce threats to pollinators, increase and improve pollinator habitat, and promote pollinator health in general.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Created and marketed a Pollinator Region Implementation Plan! This is a resource for other communities to create their own pollinator initiatives. This will enable more widespread, consistent and effective habitat creation and maintenance, aiding the rapidly declining monarch butterflies which are on the verge of a failed migration. And since most pollinators enjoy the benefits of monarch-friendly habitat, this regional strategy will help all pollinators get back on their feet (or wings).
  • Created a Pollinator Commitment to be signed by local governments and educational institutions. This will encourage our local organizations to continue to keep chemical use minimal and pollinator habitat maximal. Thanks to Coconino County for already agreeing to the the Commitment's requirements!

2017 Accomplishments:

  • In less than a year we reached our goal of increasing by five times the number of Flagstaff-area pollinator gardens registered with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge
  • We distributed native pollinator-friendly seed packets around the community and continue to give away as many flowers, milkweeds, and other pollinator plants as possible
  • As a group we created several gardens in the Flagstaff area, including one at the NAU SNAIL garden and one at the APS substation, while supporting and publicizing the existing fruits of members’ labor
  • Received four separate grants totally $10,000.


NAU's Office of Sustainability is undergoing reorganization and NAZPHI will slow down until a new manager is identified. 

Get Involved

Send us a note at nazpollinators@gmail.com

Thank you to our sponsors!!!

Grants to date:
APS: $600
NAU Green Fund: $960
Arizona Community Foundation: $8,000
AZ Native Plant Society Publication: $346