Kind Wine Competition

Kind Wine Competition and Public Tasting

Sunday, November 6, 2016 
Wine Judging 10:00am – 2:00pm
Public Tasting 3:00pm – 6:00pm

1899 Restaurant Grand Ballroom
307 W. DuPont Ave. - Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Hosted By
NAU Office of Sustainability 

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The Kind Wine Competition (KWC) Mission: To improve the sustainability of wine packaging around the world.

KWC will achieve its mission by 1) recognizing and rewarding wineries for their commitment to providing consumers sustainable packaging options and 2) educating the consumer and retailers about the quality taste of these wines and the environmental and economic benefits of sustainable packaging.

Consumers influencing today’s packaging landscape are causing manufactures to take notice! Their purchasing decisions are having a significant influence prompting wineries to diversify their brands with creative, unique sustainable packaging options. Fine wines are starting to pour into boxes, tetra packs, cans and kegs. Be a part of the movement and taste for yourself the outstanding wines now available in containers designed specifically to lower our carbon footprint.

This sustainable packaging wine competition is the first in the nation to ONLY allow wines sold in reusable or recyclable containers. What better place to have it than Flagstaff Arizona!

A professional panel will judge the wines blind prior to the public tasting event.
Double Gold, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best of Class, Best of Show awards will be given for the best wines.
The Competition is a private event.

Everyone is invited to the Public Tasting!

This public event lets you determine the “People’s Choice Award.”          

Registration for the Public Tasting is $25 general public / $20 student
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Info for Participating Wineries
Download the Invitation to Participate          
Judges and Judge Rules

Event Producer - Ellen Vaughan, NAU Manager of Sustainability, Flagstaff AZ
Event Producer/Wine Coordinator – Diane Williamson, CSW, Flagstaff AZ
Event Producer/Logistics – Dave Williamson, Flagstaff AZ
Assistant Chief Judge –
Chief Wine Steward - 

Professional Judges:
Dave Beckerleg, General Manager El Tovar Grand Canyon National Parks
Michael Robb, Sommelier, Enchantment Resort Sedona AZ
Wally Rande Professor, Hotel Restaurant Management, NAU, Flagstaff AZ
Michael Pierce, Enology Director, Yavapai College, Clarkdale AZ
John Vankat, Wine Writer, Arizona Daily Sun and Northern Arizona's Mountain Living Magazine, Flagstaff AZ
Susan Gates, Wine Sommelier, Flagstaff AZ
Brandon Kimball, Owner, Vino Loco Wine Bar, Flagstaff AZ

Judge Rules:
~ The Pit Cru area behind CLOSED DOORS is totally off-limits to judges until after the awards are determined. MEMBERS OF THE PIT CRU MUST BE TREATED WITH THE UTMOST RESPECT AND COREDIALITY.

~ Judging attitudes should be positive, courteous and congenial - without disparaging comments or raucous behavior. As a judge you should spit as much of the wine you taste as possible to avoid any mild impairment to your judging abilities. Avoid gestures, sounds and remarks during the tasting which may influence fellow panel members. Questions, comments or needs during tasting should be quietly addressed to the Anchor Judge or the Chief Judge.

~ Judges may utilize any personal manner of wine evaluation that works best for them as long as the result is expressed as Gold, Silver, Bronze or No Medal. Anchor Judges will poll each wine after each flight. Three judges’ no-medal votes disqualify a wine from winning a medal; such discordant judgment will be further deliberated, with the fellow judges until mutual agreement about the wine has been reached. However, avoid prolonged deliberations cooperate with the Anchor Judge to keep pace. If this is not possible, the Chief Judge must be consulted, and he will break any unresolved issue, or tie.

~ In order to provide feedback to the winemaker, especially if a wine did not medal, we will compile your tasting notes anonymously, and provide them to the winery upon request. Be concrete and detailed but refrain from disparaging comments, and give stylistic or technical suggestions if you feel competent to do so.


DOUBLE GOLD = Unanimous judging panel all Gold 

GOLD = 3 or 4 Gold votes, contingent upon all medal votes 

SILVER = 3 or more Silver or Gold votes, contingent upon all medal votes 

BRONZE = 3 or more Bronze or Silver medal votes 

BEST OF CLASS = All Gold or Double Gold will be judged by category to determine - there will be five categories (Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, and Dessert)

BEST OF SHOW = All best of class are tasted to determine overall best wine of the competition - all judges will vote on each best of class winners to determine overall winner

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD = Will be determined by popular vote at the Public Tasting     

About Us

NAU Staff:
Ellen Vaughan, Manager, Office of Sustainability
Stella Carr, Kind Wine Coordinator
Jessica Lazor, Environmental Caucus GA     

Dave & Diane Williamson: D&DW Wine Consulting

Dave and Diane Williamson have been in the wine industry for many years. They are both certified sommeliers and together they have helped organize and develop many of Northern Arizona’s major fund-raising wine events including, Wine and Dine in the Pines, The Flagstaff Food & Wine Festival, Wine in the Woods and You Have Been Served, and many more too numerous to mention. Combined, these events have raised well over a million dollars benefiting several Northern Arizona non-profits.

Dave is the founder of the Kind Vines wine brand and is still actively seeking to find ways to reduce packaging waste in the adult beverage industry. In addition to being a certified sommelier; Diane is a Certified Specialist of Wine, a level II WSET and a professional wine tasting judge at the Jerry Mead International Wine Competition.               

About Sustainable Wine

Glass is not a bad material.
We've just reached a place where there are better alternatives that can now deliver the same quality of wine.

Glass can be recycled, but in Flagstaff, it can't go in our commingled recycling bin so it often gets put in the trash.
Glass bottles have a high carbon footprint because they are energy intensive to make and are heavy and not easily stackable so their transportation is not ideal. 


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This next one isn't about sustainable packaging, but has some really interesting results from competitions involving organic wine:
"The Hippies Are Right, Eco-Friendly Wine Really Does Taste Better," August 8, 2016


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Diane Williamson

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