Campus Gardens

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    The Sustainable Living and Urban Gardening (SSLUG) Garden is the largest gardening opportunity on campus. Volunteers from the community work together to blend native plants with traditional fruits, vegetables, and herbs here in Flagstaff. The Garden is also used as a teaching tool in a broad spectrum of classes to educate students about sustainability, local food production, and the value of community service.



    The members of the Students Nurturing Alternatives in Landscaping (SNAIL) club maintain their very own sustainable garden. The SNAIL Garden is a completely student-run enterprise, where members act cooperatively for the good of the garden. When a plant yields food, it is harvested and divided among the group based on labor.

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    The Shand Garden, named for late NAU biology Professor Richard Shand, is a teaching and research-focused garden. Students enrolled in the sustainable botany course through the Biology Department maintain the garden and use it as an active lab. In the class, students learn the theoretical aspects of plant life, and then witness those concepts first-hand.

  • Green House
    Green House

    Green House Research Complex

    The Research Greenhouse Complex supports university-wide research. Over the past 20 years, we have supported projects that have encompassed many disciplines and departments. Our mission has expanded to include growing plants for habitat restoration, developing a campus arboretum, and developing partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies that are involved plant production for restoration.