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Academic Sustainability Steering Committee

The Academic Sustainability Steering Committee is responsible for improving collaboration and communication across units offering sustainability and environmental curricula and research to improve efficiency in course offerings, to support and enhance curricula and co-curricula, and to develop improvements in sustainability education at NAU.

Meet the Academic Sustainability Steering Committee
  • Jeffrey Brian Downard: interim co-chair and Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy
    •, 928-523-8354
  • Luis Alberto Fernandez: interim co-chair and Associate Professor, Criminology and Criminal Justice
    •, 928-523-2382
  • Paul Beier: Regents' Professor, School of Forestry
    •, 928-523-9341
  • Ellen Vaughan: Manager of the Office of Sustainability
    •, 928-523-1791
  • Aileen Miyuki Farrar: Lecturer, Comparative Cultural Studies
    •, 928-523-1881
  • Erik Nielsen: Associate Professor, School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
    •, 928-523-4980
  • Jane C Marks: Professor, Biological Sciences
    •, 928-523-0918
  • Roderic Alan Parnell: Professor, School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability
    •, 928-523-3329
  • Caitlyn Mae Rose Burford: Lecturer, School of Communication
    •, 928-523-1505
  • Brian Craig Petersen: Assistant Professor, Geography, Planning and Recreation
    •, 928-523-2275
  • Sean Michael Parson: Assistant Professor, Politics and International Affairs
    •, 928-523-6777
  • Julie M. Mueller: Associate Professor, W.A. Franke College of Business
    •, 928-523-6612


NAU offers a plethora of sustainability related degrees that you can choose from. If you are still unsure on what you would like to major in, you can search through NAU’s database of degrees by using a keyword in your search. Visit NAU’s Degree Search and enter your keyword in the right hand corner next to where it says ‘Search Degrees’. Here are a few searches that have already been done:



After you search, note that the type of degree is shown in the second to last column. This will allow you to differentiate between Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.


NAU offers many courses that touch upon the environment or sustainability and go across all disciplines. You can also take a class that relates to the environment or sustainability that counts towards your Liberal Studies requirement. You can use a search tool to pull out specific courses from NAU’s full course catalog. Visit NAU’s Course Search and go to ‘Search by Keyword’. Here you can type in a keyword and get all classes associated. To take the class in person, you will need to make sure the class is offered at 'Flagstaff Mountain'. Be sure that you enter which semester you are searching for. Below are some searches that have been done for you: