Family Resources and Housing

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Starting graduate school can be both exciting and challenging. Grad school can make the roles of parent or spouse even more challenging—for students and their families. We’ve gathered some resources to help you in the transition into grad life.


Flagstaff childcare options

There are a variety of childcare options available in Flagstaff. Please note that the Graduate College does not endorse or recommend any of these organizations. They are included here for your reference only.

Click here to view childcare options.

Childcare vouchers program

Raising a family while in graduate school is tough. Let the university’s childcare voucher program assist you with affordable, quality child care. The program works on a sliding scale, paying 20 to 50 percent of your child care expenses while you pay the rest.

View the information about the childcare voucher program.

Follow this link to access the application: 2013 Childcare Program Application.

Health Insurance and Services

The university has a number of health insurance/healthcare options, including major medical insurance. If you become a full-time graduate assistant, you will receive the major medical insurance as part of your employment package. There are also options available for students with a spouse or dependents.

Campus Health Services

Our Campus Health Services offers healthcare services including, but not limited to:

  • Primary and urgent care
  • Laboratory
  • Radiology
  • Workman’s Compensation

Counseling Services

Counseling Services provides counseling and crisis services to help students transition to graduate life.  For of list of their services, follow this link.
A graduate student support group is available each semester if you would like to talk about and receive support for:
  • the stress of academic demands at the graduate level
  • the stress of multiple roles (e.g., student, employee, parent, spouse)
  • loneliness
  • financial stress
  • relationship concerns

Housing for Graduate Students

There are a number of housing opportunities - some catered to married couples or students with children - available on and off-campus.
My Apartment Map has an interactive map, so students can easily find housing near campus.  The app even shows nearby grocery stores, public transportation, and other amenities.

On-Campus Housing

If you choose to live on campus, you will live in traditional residence halls, suites, or apartments.  If you are married or have children, family apartments are available.
For more information or to apply for housing, visit the Residence Life website. Please note the housing application closes in early May.

Off-Campus Housing

Most graduate students choose to live off campus.  Here are some resources to help you find housing:

E-mail Group (listserv) for Graduate Student Housing

To help graduate students communicate about housing opportunities in Flagstaff, the Graduate Student Government maintains a housing e-mail group or "listserv."
Click here for more information about the listserv.

Graduate Student Group on Facebook

Post of view housing opportunities through the "NAU Grad Students" group of Facebook.  Join the group here!