Career Planning Resources

This page is intended to assist you with your academic career at Northern Arizona University and to prepare you for future academic and non-academic work.  Please check back regularly for updates to the page.  We hope to broaden your horizons in your field of study and work.

Academic career planning and support

Visit these sites to find information related to post-secondary education.  Some of the sites focus primarily on faculty positions, while others list both faculty and administrative positions.

Non-Academic Career Planning and Support

 Looking for more information about non-academic careers?  Check out these resources.

Sample cover letters

Articles on career planning

 Information from other universities

  • Michigan State University - Read about PREP, the joint venture between the Graduate College and Career services to help graduate students find careers and develop professionally
  • University of Arizona - Find information about academic and non-academic careers, dissertation and thesis writing, professional organizations, 
  • University of California, Berkeley  - Search job information for academic and non-academic careers, articles, and more
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Get insight into finding jobs in both academic and non-academic sectors
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison - Find guidelines to looking for higher education positions and skills for professional development
  • Yale - Find resources for academic and non-academic career planning, CV building, and professional development    

Additional Career Planning Resources