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At Northern Arizona University, you will be surrounded by high-profile faculty, top-notch peers, and access to high-ranking programs.  Read about our students’ research and experiences as NAU graduate students.


  • Jennifer_Ginther

    Not Your Average Graduate Student

    Jennifer Ginther, PhD Biology

    “Whether she's in the lab researching infectious diseases, mentoring undergraduates at the Center for Microbial Genetics and Genomics, or tending to her many duties as the governor-appointed member of the Arizona Board of Regents, Jennifer Ginther doesn't shy away from a challenge.” Read more.



  • Anyways

    “Anyways”: An African Experience

    by Robert Sather, Peace Corps Master’s International Program in Forestry (MF)

    “In this culture they refer to me as “Sawaisa,” or one who will bring forth good things to come. Hopefully I can live up to that responsibility….Perhaps eventually many more of the Peace Corps volunteers will be master’s graduate students who aspire to make a difference.”  Read more.



  • Cici_Cruz_Uribe

    Sparkly Things

    Cici Cruz-Uribe, MS Geology

    “Next Friday I defend, the next Friday I graduate, and Sunday I leave to go to a conference! I get back on Christmas Day, and then on the 28th I go to Penn State. Oh–my–GOD….” Read more. 



  • Ben_and_Jaina_Moan

    In Good Hands

    Ben and Jaina Moan, MS Engineering and MPA Public Administration

    “I think our generation and the generation directly behind us have no choice but to deal with resource and consumption issuesnow….Humans are very innovative, but I honestly believe that we’re facing issues on a scale that most of us aren’t ready to deal with.” Read more. 



  • Larissa_Yocom

    Lady of the Rings

    Larissa Yocom, PhD Forest Science

    “The wildfire research I am working on is useful for conservation professionals, natural resource managers, and fire professionals. But it’s important to me that I am doing a job that is important to other people. It has to matter to the local community.”  Read more. 



  • Andrew_Fitzgerald

    The Third Degree

    Andrew Fitzgerald, PhD Counseling Psychology 

    “As a school counselor, I saw so many kids at the elementary level who would just be bumps on a log. They would just sit there not doing anything, not caring about anything really. I always wondered what all the factors are that went into that.” Read more.



  • Luke_Evans

    Using Genetics to Understand Climate Change

    Luke Evans, PhD Biology

    “If you want to restore a particular spot, the paradigm has always been to plant local genotypes….But the fact is we've already seen changes due to climate change, and I'm not sure that status quo will hold.” Read more.



  • Ellie_Moon

    Connecting Children with Their World

    Ellie Moon, MS Clinical Speech-Language Pathology

    “People who are hard of hearing or have some problem with their communication ability are very isolated. What speech pathologists do, their mission, is to breech that and bring those people to be participants in the world.” Read more.