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Need to know how to write a grant, find a postdoc, prepare a teaching philosophy statement, or get a Fulbright?  View past copies of the The Graduate College e-newsletter to learn about the academic and research accomplishments of NAU graduate students and career and professional development articles written specifically for grads. 

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2008-2012 Designer/Editor: Melissa Hatfield Riggs

Find a treasure trove of info on graduate life, teaching, and professional development in the issues below.  

The Graduate College— Fall 2012
     Finding "The Way": An African Sequel
     Dual Master's Degrees: NAU and the University of Botswana
     Learning to Say "No"
     On Teaching: Reflections on Critical Thinking
     The GRE Revised General Test
     Things I Wish I'd Known from the Start
     On Teaching: Inquiry Into Learning (Minute Papers)

The Graduate College — Spring 2012
     Time in Tibet
     Outstanding Alums
     Finding the Ideal Internship
     On Teaching: Collaborative Learning
     Take A Stand!
     New Programs for Fall

The Graduate College — Fall 2011 
     The 2011 Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau
     Bringing Talent to Bear
     Student Affairs Counseling Goes European
     On Teaching: Give Them Something to Talk About
     New! Electronic Theses and Dissertations
     Communication Sciences and Disorders: The Summers-Only Track  

The Graduate College — Spring 2011 
     Siberian Fulbrightness     
     Taking the Fear Out of Publishing     
     Launching Your Career in a Recession     
     On Teaching: Professing on the WEB     
     On Teaching: Responding Effectively to Student Work     
     The Master's in Climate Science and Solutions 

The Graduate College — Winter 2011 
     Funding Tips from DOE Fellow Lucy Mullin     
     Knowing Research Rights from Wrongs     
     On Teaching: Elevating Collaboration Skills     
     Teaching for Learning: A Framework     
     The Third Degree     
     No One's Gonna Love You Like I Do, NAU
     The PhD in Applied Linguistics 

The Graduate College — Fall 2010 
      Lady of the Rings
      Nailing the Phone Interview
      On Teaching: Active Learning Strategies
      Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me at the Start
      Graduate School for the Career Professional
      On Teaching: Planning for Purposeful Discussions
      M Ed Programs in Educational Technology, Early Childhood Education  

The Graduate College — Spring 2010 
      Finding A Science Postdoc
      Anyways: An African Experience
      NAU Grad Students Host New Conference
      Not Your Average Graduate Student
      National Raves for MBA
      The Peace Corps Master's International 

The Graduate College — Winter 2010 
     NAU's First Professional Science Master's Degree
     On Teaching: Fostering an Ethic of Care
     Connect with a Research Specialist at Cline Library
     The Grad Student Group on Facebook
     The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 

The Graduate College — Fall 2009 
     Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me At the Start
     On Teaching: Frame It
     Culture and Communication
     Building Community Via Departmental GSOs
     International Adventures
     Betty's Children: The Quayle Scholarship
     The 10-Month MBA 

The Graduate College — Spring 2009 
     Landing Your First Faculty Position
     Do's and Don'ts in Your First Year as New Faculty     
     Human Participant Research and the IRB     
     Finding Jobs in Tough Times
     The Master's in Music 

The Graduate College — Winter 2009 
     On Teaching: The Infallible Professor?
     Fellowships and Scholarships: Coming Out a Winner!
     Making It as a Distance Student     
     Graduate Resources at Cline Library     
     Sparkly Things: Cici Cruz-Uribe     
     How to be a Successful Grad Student

The Graduate College -- Fall 2008 
     Why Wait?  Dissertations and Theses from Day One
     On Teaching: All About Incompletes
     Welcoming the New Grad College Associate Dean
     In Good Hands: Ben and Jaina Moan     
     Weaving Parachutes: The Olson Scholarship
     On Cancer's Trail: Stephanie Raymond-Whish
     The Master's in Sustainable Communities 

The Graduate College — Spring 2008 

     On Teaching: Toward a Community of Practice
     Some Thoughts on Doing Less     
     Triumph in Tuba City: 20 New School Counselors for the Reservations     
     Farewell to Associate Dean Pat Baron
     The Master's of Science in Engineering 


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