The NAU Fund

Gifts to the NAU Fund are the backbone of support for Northern Arizona University and serve as a catalyst for quality. While state funding helps build the foundation for operating a university, private gifts make NAU an exemplary institution.

All gifts to the NAU Fund are tax deductible as provided by law.

Benefits to the university community

The NAU Fund reaches all alumni, friends of the university, students, faculty, staff, and parents to offer opportunities for giving to Northern Arizona University programs. The NAU Fund accepts regular, yearly contributions that create an important and dependable source of private support for the university.

The NAU Fund dollars directly support students, faculty, and programs by:

  • purchasing computers, software, library books, and musical instruments
  • recruiting and retaining top-notch faculty, and featuring well-known lecturers
  • funding travel for educational conferences and competitions
  • maintaining services such as tutoring, counseling, disability assistance, campus safety, career advising, and health care


Watch Video: Faculty Spotlight: Jim Manley

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Where your investment goes

Contributors to the NAU Fund may designate their gifts to any university area, college, school, department, or program. They may also give to the President’s Fund for Excellence, which provides the university president with flexibility to support Northern Arizona University’s greatest needs.

President’s Associates

Contributions of all sizes are appreciated, and they are combined to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and programs. The President's Associates, the flagship of the NAU Fund, is a gift society that recognizes contributors who give $1,000 or more annually to Northern Arizona University Foundation.

Employee Campaign

The Employee Campaign is a part of the NAU Fund. This campaign gives faculty and staff the opportunity to invest in the university, thereby investing in their own futures, students’ futures, and the future of Northern Arizona University.

Senior Class Campaign

With the senior class gift, also part of the NAU Fund, graduating seniors can financially assist fellow students via the NAU Senior Legacy Scholarship Fund.

The NAU Fund Phonathon

Learn about the program that raises money for the university and how to get a job with us if you’re a student.

Giving questions

For further information about the NAU Fund, please contact us at or call 928-523-2012, or toll free at 1-888-NAU-ALUM (1-888-628-2586).