Mike Ryan, MSF '78

Mike Ryan, MSF
Northern Arizona University

Mike has expressed his appreciation for NAU in meaningful ways. Not only is he a practicing research scientist for the U.S. Forest Service in Colorado, building on expertise attained from Northern Arizona University’s School of Forestry, but he has kept NAU in mind as he plans for his future. Mike has included the School of Forestry in his bequest, taking advantage of one of many planned giving options available to NAU’s alumni and friends. When Mike sat down to write his will, he “wanted to include places that had made a difference” to him throughout his life. And that is exactly what planned giving is designed to do—allow a donor to promote values developed throughout a lifetime by providing for future generations of students. Mike notes that it was his love for the outdoors that lead him into forestry, and that his time at NAU was inspiring and supportive, a time of intellectual growth. By putting NAU’s School of Forestry in his will, Mike is supporting future students who will believe in the things that Mike believes in now.