Judith Wheatley, BS '69 and Chuck Wheatley

Judith Wheatley, BS
Northern Arizona University

Judith and Chuck believe that teachers thrive when they have passion for what they teach and the resources to teach thoroughly. This is why they contribute to the NAU Teach program—they want a quality learning experience for future math and science teachers. Judy remembers the quality education she received and tells of an NAU professor who helped her out at the Timber Inn because she had to work there during his office hours. “NAU is still like a big family.” Support from the Wheatleys has not only enhanced NAU’s capacity to teach teachers but to assist science conservation students like Jud Wynne. “As a soft money scientist,” reports Judith, “I cobble together my living. But my research leads to the care and preservation of fragile natural resources, and I couldn’t do it without gifts from friends like the Wheatleys.” Judith and Chuck’s passion for improving education and for conservation science leads them to philanthropy that includes NAU, and NAU couldn’t be more grateful.