Johnson Scholarship Foundation

Johnson Scholarship  Foundation
Northern Arizona University

Investing in student success

The Johnson Scholarship Foundation sees Northern Arizona University’s mission to become the nation’s leading university serving Native Americans in perfect alignment with its mission to empower people to become more independent, especially American Indians and disabled people. 

Sherry Salway Black, board member (pictured), knows their work helps students understand the economic forces affecting reservations and then develops those economies to achieve a better quality of life.

In fact, Cindy Bitsui, 2011 BS, sees the Johnson Scholarship support as “heaven sent.” The Navajo Reservation has a deficiency of qualified accountants, Cindy says, so she returned to Northern Arizona University to receive her second BS, in accounting. R. Malcolm MacLeod, President and CEO (pictured), sees the Johnson Scholarship Foundation as “simply the investors” in what he believes is most important: Northern Arizona University students, and the opportunity to get to know and work with them.