Flagstaff Medical Center Foundation

Flagstaff Medical  Center Foundation
Northern Arizona University

A community partnership that saves lives

The Flagstaff Medical Center Foundation (FMC) and Northern Arizona University’s School of Nursing (SON) share a vision for safe, quality healthcare in northern Arizona. 

This has led FMC to support the university’s state-of-the-art simulation labs. These labs, according to Northern Arizona University’s Simulation Specialist Bobby Eccleston, MSN, RN, create an important bridge between nursing education and nursing practice.

“Working in the simulation lab allows faculty to better understand students’ comprehension of treatment scenarios while in a safe and non-threatening environment, something that cannot be accomplished in a real hospital setting,” Eccleston explains. “Our patient simulator mannequins have a reset button; real human patients do not.”

Thus, the university is better able to prepare health professionals who have outstanding nursing knowledge, precision clinical judgment, and a sturdy mechanism for tracking improvement. FMC’s Vice President of Development, Dr. Rick Smith, BS 1972, MS 1978, says that FMC is “pleased to support Northern Arizona University with the Sim Man instructional component. We have a long successful partnership, and FMC is proud to include the Sim Man project as part of this collaboration.” Healthcare in northern Arizona can only get better with partnerships like these.