Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best major for law school? Is there a pre-law major?
NAU does not have a pre-law major, and there are no required courses to apply to law school. We strongly suggest that students choose a major that reflects their interests and work with a pre-law advisor to strategically choose Liberal Studies course that are academically rigorous and challenging.
Would double majoring or participating in the Honors Program increase my chances of being accepted to law school?
Double majoring or participating in the Honors Program does not necessarily increase a student’s chance of being accepted to law school.  While participating in the Honors Program has additional academic requirements, it is important to choose a path where you will do well academically and maintain a competitive GPA.
Should I grade replace a class I did not do well in?
Students should know that the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) factors in both grades when generating your GPA report, even though your NAU official GPA does not include the lower grade. 
Should I take time off before attending law school?
Every student is different.  Some students are fully prepared and ready to attend law school immediately after completing their undergraduate degree. At the same time, law schools include a variety of factors, including non-academic experiences, when reviewing applications.  Students may choose to work after college to gain experience, but this does not mean that a student will be admitted to law school.  If a student chooses to take a year off, we typically recommend that it include some kind of exposure to the field of law.  If a student is not 100% committed to attending law school, taking a year off and gaining knowledge of the field can be a great way to decide whether or not law school is the best option.
How many times should I take the LSAT?
Students should plan on taking the LSAT once.  If a student decides to take the LSAT more than once, all scores are still reported to law schools.  The LSAT can only be taken 3 times over a 2 year period.
How long are my LSAT scores valid?
LSAT scores are valid for 5 years, though this varies by school. 
How many law schools should I apply to?
We typically recommend that students apply to 6-9 schools: 2-3 dream or “reach” schools, 2-3 competitive schools, and 2-3 schools with a high chance of admission.
What is an addendum, and should I include one in my law school application?
An addendum is an optional, written statement where students can address concerns that an admissions committee may have about possible discrepancies in their application.  An addendum should show that the applicant is taking responsibility for a situation that could negatively impact their application.