Pre-Major Track

Some majors have specific math requirements to provide a strong foundation for future coursework in the degree plan. The ability to meet the math requirement, either by placement through the Math Placement Exam or through completion of college math coursework, is crucial for success in remaining major coursework, as well as a timely graduation. NAU is committed to ensuring students pursue degree plans best suited to their interests and skills, and also providing paths to achieving degrees expeditiously.

Students who are unable to meet those specific math requirements are placed on a “pre-major track” or PMT. These students work closely with advisors to set math placement goals to achieve adequate academic progress. Please see the below FAQs for more information on PMT. If you have additional questions please contact your advisor.

How do I find my Math Placement Exam score?

You can find your Math Placement Exam score through you LOUIE account. Once logged in, follow the steps below to find your Math Placement Exam score.          
Look up your TEST RESULTS

STEP 2: Your Math Placement Exam scores is the MATHC score


What Math Placement Exam score is required for my math course?
A list of Math Placement Exam scores required to get into various math classes can be found in the Mathematics Placement Table.
Can I test into a higher math course?
Yes. You can test into a higher level math by retaking and improving your score on the Math Placement Exam. Students are allowed to take the Math Placement Exam a total of 3 times. The 2nd and 3rd attempts each cost $10 and must be completed in-person at the Lumberjacks Mathematics Testing Room. Information on Math Placement Exam testing dates and times can be found at the Math Placement Exam Testing Website.
Are resources available to help me score higher on the Math Placement Exam?

Yes. Learning modules are available directly through ALEKS/McGraw-Hill that will provide an interactive learning environment in which you can practice prerequisite skills and techniques. Access to the learning modules costs $33 (payable directly to ALEKS/McGraw-Hill) and is available for 6 weeks after payment. To find more information about purchasing access to the learning modules please visit the Math Placement Exam Learning Module website.


You can also do PeakPerformance for free! Peak Performance is an online program, designed to help incoming freshmen whose math placement is lower than desired. The advantage to this program is that not only are students prepared to improve their math placement by retaking the math placement exam, but they are paired with a peer math coach who shares their insights of campus life and is knowledgeable about resources available to the student at NAU.

What if I have math transfer credit that is not in my LOUIE account?
If you have completed (or are currently taking) a math course at another institution that information should have been disclosed when you completed your Priority Enrollment Profile. If you did not provide this information on your Priority Enrollment Profile please contact your academic advisor via email and inform them of the course you took and where you took it.
Can I catch up with my math requirements?

Yes. You can take additional math courses during Summer terms to help catchup to the suggested math track established by your progression plan. NAU offers a variety of math courses over the summer. Additional information regarding taking Summer classes at NAU can be found on the NAUIntersession website.

You can also take a course at another institution over the summer and have it transferred to NAU. If you plan to take a course from an Arizona public university, public community college, or tribal community college you can use the Course EquivalencyGuide to see how the course will transfer to NAU. You will still want to verify with your NAU academic advisor that the course will work for your specific math progression. If you plan to take a math class at an out-of-state institution you will want to contact your NAU academic advisor for an unofficial evaluation of how the course will transfer to NAU.

What if I want to change my major?

You can search the majors available at NAU using the online Academic Catalog. For any major you can view the math requirement under the “Overview” tab. The Gateway Student Success Center also has numerous online resources available to help you explore NAU’s major options and select one that is appropriate for you. “What Can I Do With This Major” is a website also available to you where you can explore career options associated with many majors.

Once you have selected a new major please contact your academic advisor. Your advisor will ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses during Priority Enrollment.

PMT MajorPMT Math Requirement
Astronomy MAT 136
Biology MajorsMAT 125
Business (not HRM)MAT 121
ChemistryMAT 136
Civil Engineering     MAT 136
Computer ScienceMAT 136
Electrical EngineeringMAT 136
Environmental EngineeringMAT 136
Exercise ScienceMAT 125
Mathematics MAT 136
Mechanical EngineeringMAT 136
PhysicsMAT 136
PsychologyMAT 125