A major decision

Choosing a major can seem daunting, but we offer a variety of resources to help you decide.

To get started, assess yourself and ask:

  • What types of things excite me?
  • What types of jobs or careers appeal to me?
  • What are my strengths?
  • What do I value in a workplace setting?

To help you find the answers to these questions utilize the resources below.


AZCIS is an Arizona-based career planning and educational guidance system that offers:

  • online assessments, including:
    • Skills IDEAS
    • Reality Check
    • Interest Profiler
    • Career Cluster Inventory
  • resume writer and application tools
  • information about Northern Arizona University majors and scholarships

Sign into AZCIS with the username “nau” and “2viewazcis,” and then create your own My Education Career Action Plan.

Other resources

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Strong Inventory are career and vocational assessments available at the university’s Testing Center.

We will interpret your results, a free service for currently-enrolled students.

Call us at 928-523-4772 to schedule an appointment to review your results with a career and academic advisor.

Occupational Information Network

Find comprehensive information to help you choose a major. The Occupational Information Network allows you to:

  • research in-demand careers
  • learn about skills required for a career field
  • find occupations that fit your abilities and values

Checklist for choosing a major

View our checklist for resources you might use to help you decide on a major.