Welcome to the Gartersnake Research Project

Hello, and thank you for visiting Northern Arizona University’s Gartersnake Research Projects website! The NAU Gartersnake Team is a group of scientists and students working to assist with recovery of federally Threatened northern Mexican (Thamnophis eques megalops) and narrow-headed (T. rufipunctatus) gartersnakes in Arizona and New Mexico. Our research includes distribution and monitoring surveys, telemetric and ecological studies, captive husbandry and breeding of narrow-headed gartersnakes, and citizen science. Citizen science is a process where anyone can report gartersnakes they’ve seen to aid in conservation. In this website you will find more information about the snakes we study and our research programs, information on our research team, and ways to get involved with gartersnake conservation. If after looking around, you have questions, have research needs we could assist with, or would like to request documents and information, please feel free to contact us at nau.gartersnakes@gmail.com.