2006 Projects

2006 - CPR

A comparison of old and new CPR protocols was performed by measuring the differences in the amount of time spent with blood circulating, the number of appropriate depth compressions, and the overall fatigue of CPR responders using respiration and pulse rate changes. These findings will help determine if the new CPR protocols are actually the most suitable for public use.

Instructor: Susan Hebert, Students: Lynette George, Allen Joe, Jr., Shelton Lee, Edgar Rodriguez, Amelia Sedan, Tashyna Seweingyawma, Verlena Tso, Lache Yazzie, Stephen Yazzie, Marisa Ybarra

2006 - Changes in Tree Species with Aspect
Changes in Tree Species with Aspect

We collected data on three different slopes at Dry Lake Hills near Mt. Elden. We noticed considerable differences between the three aspects. The increase in species richness on the east and north faces, as well as the dominance of species adapted to higher elevations on the north face, is likely related to the relative position of the different slopes to the sun.  The south face experiences hotter and drier conditions than the other two faces, creating a harsher environment for many species.

Instructor: Ken Baumgartner, Students: Erin Collins, Roselynda Conn, Jerinell Littleben, Jeremy Long, Marcy Nelson, Dalila Rodriquez, Kayla Staggs, Alicia Thompson

2006 - Digital Imaging
Digital Imaging: A New Technology Better Understood Through Mathematics

The students of the Digital Imaging Research Group During learned how to take quality photos with digital cameras and then process them using imaging editing software. We learned the mathematical concepts and specific terminology appropriate for digital imaging. We learned how to work inside of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to layout the pages for the memory book.

Instructor: Christopher “Barley” Kirby, Students: Telena Billie, Jerrick Clinton, Keari Doney, Shannen Jones, Raynita Lee, Jordan Mansfield, Heather Rivera, Letourius Williams.

2006 - Light, Energy and Color
Light, Wnergy, and Color: A Photosynthetic Investigation

Liquid Chromatography and Visible Absorption Spectroscopy, two very important laboratory techniques, were utilized during an experiment in which our group will extract, purify and analyze two colorful pigments from plant leaves. 

Instructor: Brandon Doss, Students: Mylinda Barrick, Wilburt Barton, Matthew Brodie, Kristin Jackson, Tahina Kalleco, Lawrence Lee, Joseph Mudd, Tashina Nelson, Sarah Procknow, Jola Yazzie

2006 - Physics of Waves
Physics of Waves

We performed two different experiments to determine the speed of sound in air. We use PVC resonance tube in the first method to determine the distance and divide it with the time obtained from the computer to get speed. In the second method, we find the wavelength by listening for maximum sound in Resonance tube and multiplying the wavelength with frequency gave us speed.

Instructor: Parul Raval. Students: Coral Cleveland, Aria Dykhius, Courtney Etsitty, Erelda Gene, Dean Hadley, Laura Johnson, Colter Lee, Natasha Tom, Alexander Winton, Jennifer Yazzie

2006 - Vegetational Ecology
Scientific Research Development through Vegetational Ecology

Each student developed their own vegetational ecology scientific project using this process. Data was collected from the field and put in an excel sheet to create simple graphs and standard error. With this, differences of the dependent variable, due to the effects of the independent variable, could be seen. Some projects showed a difference while some projects did not.

Instructor: Jessica Scharer, Students: Andrulena Begay, Annovedwin Begay, Kyle Chance, Loreena Honahnie, Valentina Nez, Richard Pulliam, Byron Shorty, Sean Wallace