Book Nomination Guidelines

Please nominate books for the 2016 Flagstaff Reads book! We will accept nominations for the 2016 selection until January 31, 2015. Any nominations after that will be considered for 2017.

A book does not have to meet all of the criteria to be selected but consider the following:

Selection Guidelines:

  • Reading level should be appropriate for all residents of Flagstaff, ages 15 – 100.
  • Length should not be intimidating, ~300 pages is recommended.
  • Author would be available to visit Flagstaff.
  • Book is available in paperback and audio versions.
  • Subject matter should have the potential to capture attention of a diverse audience.
  • The characters and themes in the book should appeal to a wide audience of readers (e.g. male and female, young and old).
  • Book addresses one or all of the following themes:
    • Sustainability and Stewardship of Place
    • Global Engagement
    • A Culture of Inclusion, Civility, and Respect