Lumberjack Leaders Institute

Lumberjack Leaders Institute

In collaboration with The Suder Foundation and its university affiliates, Northern Arizona University invites first-generation students to participate in the Lumberjack Leaders Institute and become a First-Generation Ambassador. Undergraduate students at all class levels are encouraged to apply.

Why first-gen?
First-generation college students are students whose parents have not earned a 4-year college degree.

First-generation college students frequently lack the cultural capital necessary for a smoother transition into and through college. They may not have the knowledge, skills, educational preparation and other advantages needed to make the higher education system a comfortable, familiar environment. Additionally, first-gen students may feel isolated at college: they report limited support from parents, university faculty, staff and peers.

We find that many first-gen college students have overcome significant life challenges to achieve college enrollment as the first in their family. We believe that these life experiences hold a depth of character, courage and determination that demonstrate unique potential. First Scholars is designed to empower this potential. By channeling Scholars’ personal strengths to develop skills and opportunities, our program helps them build a solid foundation for graduation — and a fulfilled life of self-awareness, personal success and significance.
Benefits of becoming a First-Gen Ambassador
  • You will be involved in workshops that help you:
  • Make connections with other first-generation students
  • Learn more about your strengths and skills
  • Develop a plan for college and beyond
  • Identify potential mentors who can guide you toward greater success

By completing the Institute and earning your certification as a First-Generation Ambassador, you will improve your college portfolio and resume, becoming more competitive for leadership roles on campus and employment after college.

How the Institute Works
 The Institute kicks off with an orientation session, followed by five workshops, and then a capstone event. Each workshop session is two (2) hours long, and includes time to connect with fellow attendees, learn something new about college success strategies, and develop an action plan for your own success in college and beyond. You can complete your certification as a First-Generation Ambassador in under fifteen hours!
Who is involved
Up to 100 first-generation students will be selected for the Institute (50 students each semester). The Institute is coordinated and facilitated by the office of First-Generation Programs and Initiatives, which is housed in the LEADS Center.

Spring 2017 dates

(Please not that each session will be from 7pm-8:30pm) 

Lumberjack Leaders Institute Opening: Thursday, January 26th, Kaibab

4 Habits of Successful College Students: Tuesday, January 31st, HLC 2405
College to Career Connections: Thursday, February 2nd, Kaibab
Financing Your Education: Tuesday, February 7th, Havasupai A&B
Budgeting and Money Management: Thursday, February 9th, Havasupai A&B
Leading a Significant Life During College: Wednesday, February 15th, UU Oak Creek
Leading a Significant Life Beyond College: Thursday, February 16th, Havasupai A&B
Managing Your Well being: Tuesday, February 21st, Havasupai A&B
Navigating Healthy Relationship: Thursday, February 23rd, Havasupai A&B
How to Stand Out in a Crowd: Tuesday, February 28th, Havasupai A&B
Leading in a Global Society: Thursday, March 2nd, Havasupai A&B
Closing Event, Mentoring Matters: Monday, March 6th, Kaibab



Applications for the Lumberjack Leaders Institute will be available through our web form on December 23rd.  The deadline to apply for the Spring institute is 5:00pm on Tuesday, January 24, 2017.Apply Now!