More Opportunities

Federal Work-Study/Student Employment
Northern Arizona University annually offers more than $1 million of Federal Work-Study to undergraduate students with demonstrated need. There are hundreds of on-campus jobs available to our students, regardless of Federal Work-Study eligibility.

Personalized Learning
Northern Arizona University became one of the first state universities to offer competency-based bachelor degree programs not bound by semesters and seat time. Start the financial aid process and become a Personalized Learning student.

Consortium Agreements
This program allows admitted students to receive financial aid while attending NAU and another school at the same time.

Education Abroad
Through the Center for International Education, students can earn credits while studying abroad. You might be eligible for financial aid while abroad.

Service members who have earned a Segal Education Award can use it to pay current education expenses or to repay qualified student loans.

Scholarships for Diverse Populations
Here are some financial aid opportunities for specific populations of students.