The Faculty Professional Development Program organizes and conducts offerings aimed at engaging faculty in focused conversations about designing teaching and learning experiences to contribute to a "teaching commons" at Northern Arizona University.

The office provides consultations to departments and colleges, committees, and to individual faculty.

Read more about six key program areas and offerings

Note: The term “program” refers to the six major categories of faculty development opportunities. Within each are numerous “offerings” and within each of those can be more specific “activities.” These components are informed by the FPDP vision, mission, themes, and principles.

  • New Faculty Engagement
    • Fall Orientation
    • Productive Beginnings Workshops
    • Colleague-to-Colleague Mentoring Partnerships
  • Faculty Learning Communities
    • Creative Confidence
    • First-Generation College Student Experiences
    • SoTL: Researching the Impact of Our Teaching on Learning
    • Fostering Critical Thinking in the Classroom
    • Effective Online Teaching
  • Communities of Practice
    • Century Club
    • Teaching Academy
    • Learning Community Facilitators
  • Workshops/worksessions/seminars
    • Collaborative offerings
    • Book Discussions
    • Webinars
    • Topical Workshops
    • Three-day May Teaching Seminar
    • Topical Online Support
  • Consultations on Teaching and Scholarship
    • Individual
    • Departmental and Program
    • Committee
    • Resource Collaboration Group
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant Development
    • Introduction to University Teaching Course
    • GTA Recognition Program
    • Topical Workshops
    • Online Resources

For information about our events, see our current calendar 

For more information please read our Portrait of Engagement, a documentation of Faculty Professional Development Program activity.