Fleet Services

Fleet Services is located on the northeast corner of building #77,
Facility Services.

Hours of Operation are 6:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.

Staff Directory

Bill Marsh, Fleet Manager
Email: William.Marsh@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6439

Dan Tajc, Automotive Service Supervisor
Email: Daniel.Tajc@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-6441

Don Dufek, Program Coordinator
Email: Don.Dufek@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2544

Nesta McKnight, Assistant
Email: Nesta.McKnight@nau.edu
Phone: 928-523-2770

Vehicle Rental Request Form

Updates to the Fleet

We have recently added three all-wheel drive crossover SUVs: a Honda CRV (mid-sized, seats 5) and a Honda Pilot and Chevy Traverse (large, seat 7). Though these are not intended for heavy off-road driving (that's reserved for larger 4X4 SUVs), they do provide all-wheel drive for snow and rain on paved roads and maintained dirt roads.

Vehicle Rentals

A Speedchart or Grant must be provided in order to reserve vehicles. 
Vehicle requests can be made using any of the following methods:

  • Phone: 928-523-2469

We recommend customers call Fleet Services to request vehicles if departure times are outside hours of operation (6am - 5pm, Mon - Fri). 

  • After-hours weekday departures - keys can be picked up 6am-4pm the day before departure.
  • Early Monday departures (before 6am) – keys can be picked up 6am-4pm the preceding Friday.
  • Saturday and Sunday departures - keys must be picked up the preceding Friday, 6am-4pm.

In most situations, no extra daily fee will be charged when keys are picked up for departures outside of hours of operation.

NAU vehicles may go out of state, However, we limit the radius of travel for NAU vehicles to approximately 500 miles. This limit is set in order to provide reasonable accessibility in case of incidents. Outside vendor vehicles (see OUTSIDE VENDORS) will be reserved for travel beyond this limit because the vendors have branches in most areas to provide replacement vehicles more quickly if needed. 

NAU Vehicle Rental Rates (Subject to Change)

Vehicle Type Example Vehicle Models Max Seating Daily Rate Weekly Rate Mileage 
 Full Size Sedan      Honda Accord & Toyota Camry5$32.00$160.00$0.11
Minivan      Dodge Grand Caravan7$43.00$215.00$0.22
Mid Crossover SUV (All-Wheel) Honda CRV5$43.00$215.00$0.16
Large Crossover SUV (All-Wheel) Chevy Traverse & Honda Pilot8$43.00$215.00$0.27
Large SUV (4x4) Chevy Suburban8$60.00$300.00$0.38
Passenger Van Chevy Express11-12$60.00$300.00$0.33

Rental Rates Calculatorproviding estimates for NAU, Budget, and Enterprise rentals.

All NAU rental vehicles include a fuel card. Use of these vehicles are generally limited to fuel and towing. As noted above, Fleet Services charges mileage, so proper use of the fuel cards will not be billed for rentals. Exception: any charges not approved by Fleet Services will be added to the rental bill.

Long-term lease vehicles may be available for departments at a reduced rate. Please contact Fleet Services with your vehicle needs.

Outside Vendors

If Fleet Services is unable to fulfill a vehicle request, outside vendors Budget or Enterprise may be utilized. We still process and bill these rentals. We are often able to have these vehicles delivered to Fleet Services for pick-up. However, during the busiest times overwhelming requests and limited parking make delivery difficult, so we may require pick-up at the vendor.

  • Outside vendor vehicles do not include a fuel card, so fuel must be paid for with a P-Card, or through reimbursement. 
  • Outside vendor vehicles must be returned with a full tank of fuel due to high refuel charges from the vendors 
  • Reservations for vendor locations outside of Flagstaff can be made through Fleet Services utilizing the Vehicle Rental Request Form.
  • Outside vendors for charter buses are available.
  • Rental Rates Calculator providing estimates for NAU, Budget, and Enterprise rentals.

Charter Bus Rentals

An NAU charter bus is available through Fleet Services. To request the charter bus please fill out a Bus Rental Request Form and submit, in Excel form, to Fleet.Services@nau.edu

The rates for the NAU charter bus are as follows:
  • Max seating: 48
  • Daily Rate: $170.00
  • Driver Fee 8am-5pm, M-F: $24.93
  • Driver Fee All Other Times: $33.18
  • Mileage: $2.25 per mile
Overtime and room & board for the driver should follow the guidelines of the State of Arizona and NAU:
State of Arizona Accounting Manual 
NAU Travel Polices & Procedures 
If the NAU charter bus is unavailable, Fleet Services can provide a list of State-approved charter bus vendors to contact.
Rental Rates Calculator providing estimates for NAU, Budget, and Enterprise rentals. 

Authorized Driver Policy & Van Training

Fleet Services DOES NOT MANAGE the Authorized Driver Program or the Van Training.

  • Information regarding the Authorized Driver Policy and van training can be found HERE. 
  • All employees, students and volunteers must become Authorized Drivers in order to drive NAU vehicles. 
  • A valid driver's license must be presented when picking up a rental.  In addition, if picking up a 12-passenger van rental, a valid van training certification card must be presented.  
  •  Note: The maximum number of passengers allowed by the State of Arizona in a van is 12 (one driver and 11 passengers). 
  • Van training is required to rent and drive 12-passenger vans. 
  • Any further questions regarding the Authorized Driver Policy and Van Training should be directed to FSSafety@nau.edu. 

Allowed Vehicle Use

  • According to Arizona Revised Statue 38-538.02 "use for business purposes does not include normal commuting to and from the employee's residence at any time unless the employee is on duty or on call for duty during the time that the employee is at the employee's residence. "Vehicles are not to be kept overnight at a personal residence in Flagstaff."
  • Further information regarding vehicle use can be found in the NAU Comptroller's Travel Policy.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all NAU vehicles.


  • For on campus accidents, notify NAUPD at 3-3611.
  • If accident occurs off campus, contact the local police agency to file an incident report.
  • Check vehicle's glove box for required documentation. An accident form of identification card are located in the vehicle's glove box.
  • Report all accidents and damage to Transportation Services Center at 3-2469 and then file an online Damage Report.
  • Guide to Filling out a Damage Report
  • A completed Automobile Loss Report form shall be submitted to Risk Management on all motorvehicle accidents, regardless of the amount of damage, with 24 hours of the time of the accident.
  • Risk Management is required to report all liability claims to the Arizona Department of Administration Risk Management Division within one day if there is bodily injury or if damage is expected to exceed $10,000. All other losses are to be reported to Risk Management within 10 days.


Limited, designated parking is available near Fleet Services for personal vehicles with any NAU parking permit. Parking at any other location on campus is subject to Parking Services regulations.

Outside vendor vehicles may be returned to designated parking spaces at Fleet Services. Parking outside vendor vehicles at any other location on campus is subject to Parking Services regulations. 

Incidents While Traveling

If an incident should occur while traveling in an NAU vehicle, please attempt to get a police report, then contact Fleet Services as soon as possible.

  • Email: Fleet.Services@nau.edu 
  • Phone DURING hours of operation: 928-523-2469 
  • Phone AFTER hours of operation: 928-523-4227 

Mexico Travel

When crossing the border to Mexico, an additional insurance packet that is vehicle specific must be obtained from the Insurance Department. 

Seven working days in advance of the scheduled travel, please email nau-insurance@nau.edu with the following information: 

  • Dates of Travel.
  • Specific destination in Mexico.
  • Vehicle tag (obtain from Fleet Services just before contacting insurance).

Cleaning Vehicles

Fleet Services has a cleaning station and wash bay available for NAU vehicles only. No personal vehicle use.

  • Please check in with the front office of Fleet Services before using these facilities.
  • Open 8:00 am-3:00 pm, Mon-Fri. Fleet Services may close these facilities occasionally for department use.  
  • The vacuum and wash bay may be used by all NAU vehicles. 
  • Vehicles managed by Fleet Services may use the available cleaning supplies, such as rags and chemicals.  Vehicles owned by other departments must provide their own cleaning supplies.  

Cancelling Reservations

Cancellations can be made via email Fleet.Services@nau.edu or phone 928-523-2469. 

Reservation Day
Latest Time to Cancel without Fee
MondayPreceding Friday by 5:00 pm
TuesdayPreceding Monday by 5:00 pm
WednesdayPreceding Tuesday by 5:00 pm
ThursdayPreceding Wednesday by 5:00 pm
Friday-SundayPreceding Thursday by 5:00 pm

Important Phone Numbers

After Hours Emergencies (including vehicle breakdowns)928-523-4227
NAU Police Emergency928-523-3000
NAU Police Non-Emergency928-523-3611
Parking & Shuttle Services928-523-6623
Insurance & Claims (Risk Management)928-523-4557
NAU Main Switchboard928-523-9011