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Facility Services

  1. McConnell Hall Construction
  2. Painting the Lines
  3. PaintShop
  4. Carpentry
  5. Custodial


Scott Perelstein
Director: Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and continued safe operation of campus facilities, and for prolonging the useful life of facilities.  Operations and Maintenance is tasked with operation and maintenance of campus buildings with respect to electrical, custodial, building access, fire life safety, plumbing, general maintenance, carpentry and paint.  Operations and Maintenance is also responsible for maintaining the campus grounds, which includes snow removal.  Additionally, Operations and Maintenance is responsible for maintaining the Fleet Service Center, as well as the moving department.  On a day-to-day basis, Operations and Maintenance works together to complete a wide variety of services in order to provide a functional, safe environment.  Our departments are a mix of multi-talented, multi-skilled trades personnel experienced in all areas of building systems, both internally and externally.  
Fleet Services
The Fleet Services Center is located on the south end of campus in the Facilities Services building (bldg. 77 on your campus map). As you enter the complex from the intersection of San Francisco St. and Pine Knoll Rd., we are located on the east side.
University Custodial Team

The University Custodial Team has the responsibility of keeping the campus at the highest possible level of cleanliness.

  • Floors - sweeps, vacuums, mops and buffs
  • Trash – empties interior trash containers and empties ash cans located near building entrances
    Computer boxes, books and other excess materials are not removed by custodians 
  • Restrooms – cleans, disinfects and maintains supplies of soap, paper towels, toilet tissue and
    other materials. Custodial does not supply roll towels in laboratories and building lunch
    rooms but will assist your department in purchasing those items
  • Furniture / Walls - dusts and washes walls, woodwork, etc. Custodians do not dust
    individual desks, computers, and personal shelves.
  • Windows – washes interior windows and only first floor exterior windows.
  • Entrances – keeps free of litter, ice and snow. Custodians apply ice melt to building
    entrances. They treat exterior stairs and ADA ramps. Grounds personnel clear sidewalks and
  • Building security – Academic custodians lock and unlock the exterior of buildings daily.

Chargeable Services

  • Carpet cleaning more than once a year is chargeable to your department
  • Cleaning / dusting of window blinds is a chargeable service
  • Stripping and waxing floors more than once a year is chargeable to your department
  • Biohazard clean up, i.e. blood, feces, vomit, is chargeable to your department
  •  All custodial services requested for special departmental events are chargeable to yourdepartment


Appreciate Everything and Everyone

Since I have been attending NAU, I have always lived in a residence hall. I have lived in Allen, Wilson, Tinsley, and Cowden during the summers and McConnel, Gabaldon, and Mountain View Hall during the year. Because of this, I have had the luxury of not having to clean my own showers, laundry room, hallways, kitchens, lobbies, study rooms, and especially community restrooms. Every Monday, when I leave for my 8:00 AM class, I see our community more a mess than ever. Food is left over in the kitchens, trash is in the hallways and common rooms, dryer sheets are on the floor, and toilet paper is empty and everywhere. Unfortunately, I see the custodians cleaning up our mess. What is even more upsetting is that we, as privileged residents, don’t recognize that the people who are cleaning up our mess is someone’s family member. Someone’s aunt, uncle, cousin, niece, nephew, grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, brother, sister, son and/or daughter. Would we want our family members to clean up our friends’ mess? I hope not.

So today, April 17, as it is “Custodian Appreciation Day,” make sure to appreciate our custodians and all of the hard work that they do for us. You can thank them with a simple card, note, poster, or even when we pass them in the hallways, by just saying “thank you.” Let’s follow the simple rule of, “Treat others how we would like to be treated,” because I know that I wouldn’t want to clean up anyone else’s mess, let alone my own.

  • Responsible for promoting and maintaining a campus with healthy grass and natural trees and shrubbery
  • Provides snow removal for approximately five miles of roads and parking lots and over 20 miles of sidewalks
  • Responsible for drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and landscaping for approximately 400 acres
  • Responsible for installation & maintenance of regulatory signs
  • Responsible for excavations of utilities emergencies & repairs
  • Responsible for street & Parking Lot sweeping & repairs
  • Responsible for Athletic Field maintenance for Intramurals, Club Sports, Varsity Athletics, Conferences , Camps & NFL Training Camp.

Moving Services provides moving of furniture, labs, equipment, boxes, or just about anything else needing transporting. The department has a forklift with a maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs.  These services are chargeable to departments at the following rates:

  • $29.24 hr per mover per hour
  • $43.86 hr per mover per hour (overtime rate)
  • $50.00 hr forklift & operator
  • $150.00 forklift rental per day (minimum)
  • Boxes, if available, may be purchased for $2.25/ea and usable boxes will be bought back at $2.00/ea

The charge rate is based upon regular work hours, Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.  The overtime rate will be billed for work requested outside regular work hours. NEW: Our Moving Publication 

Rental Equipment

Moving Services rents tables and chairs to departments and student organizations of Northern Arizona University.  The requesting department will be required to complete a rental agreement ensuring that rental items will be used only for university functions. There is a rental fee to the requesting department for the use of tables and chairs: 

  • Tables are $3.00 per day
  • Chairs are $1.00 per per day plus a minimum ½ hour moving charge rate

NOTE: Please plan well in advance for events such as graduation. Work requests must be submitted to Admin Services at least 3 days in advance.

Rental Equipment Pickup

Moving Services will pick up equipment from the original delivery location. Please ensure equipment is ready for pickup on the date specified in the rental agreement. Additional rental charges will be incurred if equipment is not ready for pickup.

Damaged / Soiled or Lost Equipment

A $25.00 fee will be added to the department billing for any equipment returned damaged or needing extensive clean up.  Departments will be charged a replacement cost of equipment that is lost or stolen.



Confidential document shredding services available. Submit a work order to Work Order Management


Work Requests

To request these services online, please submit a work order request or call Work Order Management at 523-4227.

Brock Brothers
Moving Services Supervisor
phone: 523-2535   fax: 523-9481   


What does the Carpentry department do?

  • Repairs and maintenance of all roofing systems, heat tapes, gutters and downspouts
  • Repairs furniture, doors, desks, seats, cabinets and countertops worn from regular use
  • Masonry repair, maintenance and new construction for Residence Life buildings
  • Reconfigure or install new partitions and modular furniture, technicians are Steelcase certified
  • Fabricates custom cabinets, executive quality whiteboards, etc

What kind of carpentry work is routine maintenance?

  • Repairs done to doors, furniture, desks, seats, cabinets and countertops worn from regular use are generally not chargeable
  • Repair of roof leaks
  • Preventive maintenance inspection of roof, gutters, heat tapes, etc.

What kind of carpentry work is chargeable?

  • Renovation and remodeling projects including construction of new walls, relocation of
    existing walls, doors, windows, cabinets and modular furniture and partitions
  • Installation of TV brackets and access panels, fabrication of picture frames, and other special
    customer requests such as oversized chalkboards and whiteboards
  • Installation of suspended grid ceilings and suspended sheetrock ceilings
  • Fabrication of Corian or laminate countertops/desktops and customer display cabinets
  • Installation of cabinetry purchased from outside vendors if cabinetry meets the NAU technical standards 


All work is subject to an asbestos assessment if any cutting, grinding or other building structure disturbances will be required.  If abatement is required over the set limit FS employees are trained to perform then the customer will be liable for the additional abatement costs.


What does the Electric Department do?

  • Responsible for campus electrical systems. They maintain transformers, fuse boxes, motors, generators, emergency phone lights,campus exterior lights, etc.
  • Installation of new outlets and circuits
  • Installation of ceiling fans

What should I do if an outlet sparks?

Immediately call Work Order Management at 3-4227 and they will dispatch technicians to your building to check the outlet.

What should I do if an outlet quits working?

Do not try to repair it yourself.
Electricians and General Maintenance Mechanics repair outlets as routine maintenance. Call Work Order Management at 3-4227 or submit a work request online.

Electricians can review your equipment load requirements to determine if a circuit is being overburdened with electrical demands or is capable of supporting a new piece of equipment.  This is a chargeable service. Call Work Order Management at 3-4227 or submit a work request for an estimate.

General Maintenance Mechanics

What does the General Maintenance Department do?

General maintenance mechanics (GMM’s) are the front line responders in Facility Services.  They arrive within 30 minutes of a work order request submitted through Work Order Management or the Residence Life fixed line.

What services are provided to my building by a general maintenance mechanic?

  • Minor plumbing repair of leaks, stoppages, etc. in equipment such as faucets, shower valves, hose bibs, sinks, toilets, urinals, flush valves, floor drains and drinking fountains
  • Repair and/or install toilet seats, soap dispensers, toilet/hand towel dispensers, towel bars, etc.
  • Minor electric repairs of receptacles, outlets, switches, ballasts, fuses, circuit breakers, exit lighting devices, etc.
  • Minor carpentry repairs on doors, closets, cabinets and stair treads
  • Installation of new keyboard trays, pencil sharpeners, bulletin boards,
    whiteboards, etc.
  • Repair/replace/install ceiling tiles, floor coverings, and blinds
Building Access Services
  • Repair and maintenance of campus locks and the production of keys for all locks on campus. Changing locks or re-keying lock systems for security reasons (i.e., lost or stolen keys) and special equipment locking devices are chargeable to your department
  • Services handicapped access operators as routine maintenance
  • Safe and vault service
  • Installation computer and office equipment security devices
  • Security consulting for all campus departments
  • The BAS Policies and Procedures can be found on the FS Policies and Procedures page.
  • Request Grand Master and Great Grand Master Keys - Please read the policy linked above 
  • Outside Contractor Key Request 
Paint Shop

The paint staff is charged with maintaining the interior and exterior of painted building surfaces, field striping, and parking lot striping. The Paint department also maintains and fabricates all signage on campus.

What kind of painting is chargeable?

  • Painting floors
  • Renovation projects, graphics, and wood refinishing
  • Signage additions and changes
  • Changing a specialty paint color back to a standard maintenance paint color
  • Any color selections other than standard maintenance colors

Standard maintenance paint colors are Navajo White and Minimal White.


Emergencies are considered situations that risk life, limb, or property. Examples of emergency situations Facility Services would respond to are: gas leaks, water line breaks, electrical outages (wires down or exposed), severe leaks, or exposed sewage. Dial 3-4227 to call in an emergency to Facility Services.

Facility Services523-4227
Snow Removal523-4227
Fire Emergencies523-3000
NAU Police Department - Emergencies523-3000
NAU Police Department - Non Emergencies523-3611
Office of Regulatory Compliance523-7799

 For other important phone numbers please refer to the NAU Police Department web site.

Universal Waste Management