Office of Sustainability

Ellen Vaughan
Manager: Office of Sustainability


The mission of Facility Services and the Office of Sustainability are one and the same:  To create, maintain and enhance our campus through continuous improvement and sustainable practices.


It is the Office’s vision to showcase a living laboratory where students study and participate in the development of social equity, economic stability, and environmental stewardship. At the Flagstaff campus, students live, learn, eat, play, make purchases, use energy, and participate in every possible aspect of life—NAU is a micro-community! As such, NAU has the opportunity to demonstrate to larger cities, the nation, and the world what a truly healthy and sustainable environment can look like.

What We Do

The Office of Sustainability engages NAU students, employees, and community members around sustainable initiatives to meet our mission and fulfill our vision. The Office utilizes NAU’s Sustainability Action Plan to promote environmental stewardship in the areas of Recycling and Waste Minimization, Transportation, Operations, Procurement, Water, Energy and Climate Change, Academics, and Research.

Explore the Green NAU website or read our brochure on Creating a Culture of Sustainability to see specific examples of how NAU is living, learning, researching, community building, and advocating for sustainability.