Fiscal Operations

The Fiscal Operations group manages, reviews and processes all financial activity for the Facility Services department.



 Mark Crawford
Fiscal Operations Manager 

Darryl Colebank
Accountant, Sr. 

Carol Gallegos


P-Card Reconciliation

Please follow these instructions for properly reconciling your P-Card transactions. Contact Darryl Colebank for additional information.



Purchase Order Requests

When requesting a PO from Fiscal Operations at Facility Services you must be from one of the departments within Facility Services other than PD&C.  PD&C have their own procedures to follow. 

The first step to request a PO is to fill out a PO Request Fill-In FormThe form has full instructions and descriptions.


Vendor Registration

Is the vendor you’re going to use registered with NAU?  If you don’t know, you can contact  If they are not registered with NAU, send the vendor the Vendor Registration Authorization (Substitute W-9), also found here under “Purchasing”.  There are instructions on the form to guide them.


Asbestos, Lead and PCBS Disturbance (FS-13)

Always be safe.  Please go HERE to determine if you will need an FS-13 to proceed with a PO.  If there could be a possible disturbance, neither Fiscal Operations or Purchasing will process a PO without an FS-13.


Vendor Insurance

Does the Vendor have current Insurance with NAU?  Please email NAU’s Insurance department at to determine if the vendor you are using has current and proper insurance.  Always check!  It’s better to be safe than sorry.



SEND AN EMAIL to with a subject line of “PO Request: Vendor NameWork Order (please provide the vendor name and the work order#), attach the proposal/quote, FS-13 (if needed) and the PO Request Form.  Please state in the body of the email whether or not they have current insurance. 


PO requests are processed as soon they are received, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Please email if you have any questions regarding your pending PO.



If you are requesting a PO AFTER May 1, please be sure that the service or item you are ordering will be completed, or will have arrived, AND that Fiscal Operations has the approved invoice, BEFORE June 30, or the cost will be absorbed in the following fiscal year. 



If you need a PO on July 1, to pay for an annual cost, such as Software Renewals or Yearly Contracts, they can be processed at scheduled times prior to the end of the fiscal year. 

If the request is for Software Renewals, these types of POs require approvals by other departments, such as ITS and Accessibility. These approvals will need to be complete before a PO can be processed.

  • For ITS APPROVAL, fill out the Software/ITS Services Review Checklist, found here, within the first paragraph under "Purchasing Software." Submit the completed form by checking the box at the bottom of the form that states "Form is Complete and Ready to be Processed."