Our Mission, Vision, Motto and Values


To create, maintain and enhance our campus through continuous improvement and sustainable practices.


To be a progressive, customer-focused organization that is recognized as a leader in providing exceptional service and responsible stewardship of university resources.


C - Community
R - Respect
E - Effective
A - Accountable
T - Teamwork
E - Excellence


We value our campus community, our employees and our institutional heritage.
We achieve organizational excellence through the following core values:

  • A safety culture
  • An engaging workplace
  • Professional development and empowerment
  • Teamwork, partnership and cooperation
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Civil and respectful behavior
  • Open and considerate communication
  • A diverse and inclusive community
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Quality, competitive, value-added services
  • A culture of sustainability