Project Attachments Notes
NAU Project #09.790.171
Greenhouse Boiler Replacement     

Notice of Bid and Plans
Division 0
Division 1 
Pre-bid Sign-in Sheet 
Bid Results 
Pueblo Mechanical is the apparent low bidder, with a base bid value of $99,856.00.
NAU Project #09.001.183
McDonald Roof Repair     
Notice of Bid
Division 0
Division 1
Division 7
Construction Drawings 
Addendum #1
Pre-bid Sign-In Sheet 
Caruso Construction is the apparent low bidder, with a base bid of $136,600.


Project Attachments Notes

 Annual Request for Qualifications (ARQ)

NAU Project #11.160.181


  • Request for Qualifications  (<---Click for RFQ)

  • Fillable versions of Request attachments:
  • Attachment A 
  • Attachment A.1 
  • Attachment E.1 
  • Attachment E.2 
  • Attachment E.3 
  •   Exhibit 3 

    1. The 2018 ARQ is current and should be used for submitting qualifications. 
    2. The contract for the ARQ is posted here.
    3. Any and all addenda for this ARQ will be posted under this request. At this time, there are no addenda.
    4. Per the ARQ request, this is an open-ended request. Therefore, there is no deadline for submittals. 

    Thermal Ice Storage Fieldhouse Multipurpose Facility

    DP & CM@R RFQ - NAU 

    NAU Project #09.300.176

     DP-Request for Qualifications
    DP- RFQ Clarification #1
    CM@R- Request for Qualifications
    DP- Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign-In Sheet
    DP- SD Issuance BOD
    DP-SD Issuance Plans


     /uploadedFiles/Administrative/Finance_and_Administration/Facility_Services/Planning_and_Design/_Media/Fillable Form - Attachment A.pdf 

    Lightvox was selected as the Design Professional and is under contract. CMAR Selection is pending. 



    Instruction for Task Order Procurement
    Master Task Order Agreement
    Statement of Qualifications 


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