Administrative reports
A student victim may choose to report a sexual assault through the Office of Student Life under the Student Code of Conduct or through the Equity and Access Office under the Safe Working and Learning Environment Policy.
Criminal incident reports

A victim can choose to report as much or as little information as they wish when they file an incident report, and decide how involved they wish to be in prosecution. Depending on the location of the incident, a report may be made through:

  • NAU Police Department  
    • Emergency Phone: 928-523-3000 or 911
    • Non-Emergency Phone: 928-523-3611
  • Flagstaff Police Department  
    • Emergency Phone: 911
    • Non-Emergency Phone: 928-774-1414
  • Coconino County Sheriff's Office
    • Emergency Phone: 911
    • Non-Emergency Phone: 928-774-4523

    The police department will send a reporting officer to the victim's location and ensure that they are in a safe place before asking for basic information about the incident. Often, the reporting officer will then have dispatch contact a victim/witness advocate who will help the victim understand their options including a forensic exam or "rape kit" with NACASA. 

Confidential Reporting
If a victim talks to a counselor at Counseling Services, 928-523-2261, or with the Victim Witness Services On Campus Advocate, 928-523-2225,  the information given will remain confidential in accordance with the law.  The counseling and/or advocacy relationship provides a safe space for the victim to talk about their situation and resources available to them.
Anonymous Reporting

In an anonymous report, no names are required. No information is included that might identify the victim; a victim can choose how much information is shared.

The Online Incident Report Form is used to make an anonymous report of sexual assault or other gender violence.

The Northern Arizona University Police Department (NAUPD) Anonymous Report Form can also be used to make an anonymous report of sexual assault or other gender violence.

If the community is in danger, the police or Student Life will notify the university’s Incident Management Team with the information. Otherwise, the anonymous report is used to track possible patterns or areas that could pose a danger to the campus community.

If you would like to consult with a confidential resource before completing the form please contact Counseling Services at 928-523-2261 or the Victim Witness Services On Campus Advocate at 928-523-2225. 

Additional Reporting Options 

Information Regarding Support Services That May Be Called

Victim Witness Advocate Involvement
The Victim Witness Advocate will provide support to the victim throughout the process.  The victim will meet with an advocate to discuss their options and what to expect. Victim Witness Services can be reached at: 928-679-7770.
Forensic Exam

A forensic exam can be done up to 120 hours (around five days) after an incident and a police report is NOT necessary to obtain an exam. An exam is voluntary and can take up to six hours, and a victim may take a friend along for additional support.  A Forensic Nurse Examiner will ask questions about the incident and conduct a head-to-toe exam and detailed genital exam. The victim can stop the exam at any time. 


  • It is okay to eat or drink before your exam.
  • It is recommended not to shower, bathe or wash any body parts until the exam.
  • It is okay to go to the bathroom, but minimize wiping with toilet paper.
  • If you are wearing the clothes you had on during or immediately after the assault, it is recommended not to change your clothes.
    • Law enforcement may collect your clothes into evidence prior to your exam.
    • If not, please wear the clothes to your exam.  The nurse will collect your clothes into evidence and provide you with a new set of clothes.
    • You may want to bring a change of clothes with you.
  • If you have already changed clothes or feel you need to change clothes before the exam, please bring the clothes worn during the assault to your exam even if they have been washed. 
  • If you have already done any of these actions prior to the exam, it is okay and you may still obtain an exam.
NACASA can be reached at 928-773-7670