Sustainability Awards Nominations Form

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* Recommended for submission when nominating for the NAU Graduate/Undergraduate Student. Please disregard these fields for the rest of the nomination categories.

Additional instructions

NAU Graduate/Undergraduate Student - Hooper Sustainability Cash Prize: All the nominees for both of the categories automatically become the candidates for the cash prize. All the fields marked with a star(*) are not required, but highly recommended for submission. There is no difference in the content of the letter of nomination and the letter of support. For more details on the nomination materials needed for this nomination categories visit this page.

NAU Organization: Graduate- and undergraduate-degree granting programs, student clubs and organizations, departments in the student/campus/academic services and other university organizations fall into this nomination category.

Flagstaff Community Project: Please list all the organizers (full name and contact information) of the project when submitting the letter of nomination.