White Papers

View the PDF document Esch, B., and D. Vosick. 2016. The Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI): The Role of Collaboration in Achieving Outcomes. ERI White Paper—Issues in Forest Restoration. Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University. 15 p.
View the PDF document Mottek Lucas, A. 2015. Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project: Creating Solutions through Community Partnerships. ERI White Paper—Issues in Forest Restoration. Flagstaff, AZ: Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University. 28 p.
View the PDF document Brown, S.J. 2015. Administrative and Legal Review Opportunities for Collaborative Groups. ERI White Paper—Issues in Forest Restoration. Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University and the Western Environmental Law Center. 12 p.
View the PDF document Egan, D. and E.A. Nielsen. 2014. The History of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative: 1980s–2010. ERI White Papers: Issues in Forest Restoration. Ecological Restoration Institute, Northern Arizona University. 27 p.
View the PDF documentForest Restoration Treatments: Their Effect on Wildland Fire Suppression Costs Fitch, A., Y.S. Kim, and A.E.M. Waltz.  2013
View the PDF documentFull Cost Accounting of the 2010 Schultz Fire Combrink, T., C. Cothran, W. Fox, J. Petersen and G.B. Snider.  2013
View the PDF documentWorkforce Needs of the Four Forest Restoration Initiative Project: An Analysis Combrink, T., W. Fox, and J. Petersen.  2012
View the PDF documentIntegrating Domestic and Wild Ungulate Grazing into Forest Restoration Plans at the Landscape Level Egan, D.  2011
View the PDF documentExploring the Potential of Obtaining Carbon Credits for Restoration Activities on Navajo Tribal Forest Lands Huang, C.H., and C.D. Sorensen.  2010
View the PDF documentEcological Restoration as Economic Stimulus: A Regional Analysis Kim, Yeon-Su  2010
View the PDF documentCarbon Credits for Restored Western Dry Forests? Egan, D., and J. Seidenberg.  2009
View the PDF documentWhat to Expect from Collaboration in Natural Resource Management: A Research Synthesis for Practitioners Moote, M.A., and K. Lowe.   2008
View the PDF documentCase Study of a Community Stewardship Success: The White Mountain Stewardship Contract  Abrams, J.B., and S. Burns.  2007
View the PDF documentNavigating the Motives and Mandates of Multiparty Monitoring Moote, M.A., J.B. Abrams, E. Krasilovsky, M. Schumann, M. Savage, and T. Derr.   2007
View the PDF documentForest Service Contracting: A Basic Guide for Restoration Practitioners Daly, C., C. Moseley, M.A. Moote, and M. Enzer.   2006
View the PDF documentIntegrating Ecological Restoration and Conservation Biology: a Case Study from Southwestern Ponderosa Pine forests Noss, R.F., and P.G. Friederici.   2006
View the PDF documentCommunications between Forest Managers and Property Owners in Pine Flats, Arizona: A Case Study of Community Interactions in a High Fire Hazard Area Rudeen, A.   2006
View the PDF documentWilderness Management and the Restoration of Fire: An Analysis of Laws and Regulations in Northern Arizona Ostergren, D.M.   2006
View the PDF documentForestlands Health and Carbon Sequestration - Strengthening the Case for Western Forest Restoration Viers, J.A.   2005
View the PDF documentSmoke from Prescribed Burning - Issues on Public Forestlands of the Western United States Viers, J.A.   2005
View the PDF documentPublic Perceptions of Forest Restoration in the Southwest: A Synthesis of Selected Surveys and Literature  Abrams, J.B., and K. Lowe.  2005
View the PDF documentPolicy Challenges for Collaborative Forestry: A Summary of Previous Findings and Suggestions Moote, M.A., and A.B. Loucks.   2003
View the PDF documentThe Suitability of Various Markets for Using Small Diameter Ponderosa Pine to Sustain Forest Health and Fire-Risk Reduction Programs in Northern Arizona Larson, D.S.   2001