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Jon Kyl-Restoring our forests

The 2009 fire season is coming to a close in Arizona. Thankfully, Arizona has again been spared from large fires, but we cannot become complacent. There is still a serious forest health problem that we must work to address.
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Aspen fading fast - entire groves at 7,000 feet are dying

The soft sound of quaking aspen leaves trembling on the slightest breeze is the sound of summer in the mountains of the West. But that sound has become softer, and researchers believe the color of fall may be fading, too. This because of an extraordinarily rapid dieback of the aspen, a phenomenon
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Hopis strive for healthier woodlands

Hopi Tribe Forestry Technician Woody Shattuck spent many a summer on the Hopi Reservation with his grandfather, who made Kachina dolls, and his grandmother, who made pottery. His childhood memories and respect for the Hopi culture have brought him back as an adult. His knowledge has provided him
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