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Drought affects trees --and global warming -- more than first thought

The sight of drought-stricken trees, their wiry frames bare of leaves or needles, is hardly rare in the forests around Flagstaff. While these victims are highly visible signs of dry, hot years, drought has lasting effects on living trees as well, according to a new study published this week in
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Forests take years to rebound from drought

In the virtual worlds of climate modeling, forests and other vegetation are assumed to bounce back quickly from extreme drought. But that assumption is far off the mark, according to a new study of drought impacts at forest sites worldwide. Living trees took an average of two to four years to
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Wildfire-Related Tragedy Leads to Landmark Forest Restoration Partnership - See more at:

Wildfire-Related Tragedy Leads to Landmark Forest Restoration Partnership
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Scorched earth: U.S. wildfires near record level

Wildfires have burned a phenomenal 5.5 million acres across the U.S. so far this year, an area equal to the size of New Jersey. This is the second-highest total in at least the past 25 years, according to data from the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise. Only 2011, which saw 5.8 million
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Saving West's iconic landscapes from wildfires, one steppe at a time

The landscape is quintessentially western – vast expanses of sage-covered steppe punctuated by plateaus and mesas etched with canyons. Known as the Greater Sheldon-Hart Mountain landscape, the tract is billed as one of the few remaining large parcels of sage-steppe habitat in the United States.
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Project to protect Flagstaff watersheds moves forward

There will be cable-logging in the Dry Lake Hills -- but none that is visible from the heart of Flagstaff. And in exchange for thinning and prescribed burning within Mexican spotted owl habitat, researchers will monitor 12 owl sites for at least five years.
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