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Forest Service making up for lost time in fire prevention efforts

The Forest Service is spending more on fire prevention, an approach that should help reduce the number and severity of future forest fires, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said Thursday.
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Burn area rewakens

The Schultz fire burn area is coming alive again, after 10 days in late June 2010 when more than 15,000 acres of forest on the east side of the San Francisco Peaks and its foothills burned. Pretty much anywhere within it you are surrounded by blackened, dead pines, often as far as the eye can see.
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Forest Service spends millions to grapple with immediate effect of Western wildfires

Nearly $25 million has already been spent to prepare for the immediate aftermath of this year’s wildfires, putting the U.S. Forest Service on track for another possible record year of spending on burned-area recovery efforts.
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Humans and nature turn American West into a tinderbox

Eleven new large fires raced across the American west last week, adding to a conflagration that has left more than 30,000 homeless and scorched nearly one million acres of forest. Besides the adverse conditions, earlier success at fighting smaller fires is also contributing to the disaster.
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