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Consortium fires up information exchange between land mangers and scientists for healthier, safer ecosystems

As the ashes continue to smolder from one of the biggest and most visible fires to strike northern Arizona in the last decade, scientists, land managers and fire fighters are working to spread knowledge about fire more effectively with each other and create on-the-ground results for a healthier
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Sunset Crater Beardtongue

Wildflowers in bloom are northern Arizona’s reward for surviving one of the snowiest winters on record. But one striking hot pink flower growing in one of the harshest environments around has botanists bursting with questions.
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Healthy forests create vibrant, sustainable community, economy

The 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire in the White Mountains, the largest Arizona wildfire ever recorded, sparked nationwide concern for the loss of our cherished forest resources as it torched a half-million acres. The environmental and economic devastation it caused will burn in memories for years. Read
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Scott Abella on the condition of western forests

After a wet winter, fire officials expect a very active wildfire season – as evident in recent days.
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