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Climate change threatens forest survival on drier, low-elevation sites

Predicted increases in temperature and drought in the coming century may make it more difficult for conifers such as ponderosa pine to regenerate after major forest fires on dry, low-elevation sites, in some cases leading to conversion of forests to grass or shrub lands, a report suggests.
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Forest Service Chief Cites Conservation Opportunities, Challenges in Senate Hearing

U.S. Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell addressed today the challenges and opportunities facing the agency’s forest management efforts in testimony before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.
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Megadrought in U.S. Southwest: A Bad Omen for Forests Globally

As brutal fires torch tinder-dry dense forests and neighboring homes in the American West, researchers are examining the relationships between drought, wildfire, and a warming climate, predicting mass forest die-offs and prolonged megadrought for the Southwest. These forces are accelerating, they
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As fires rage, feds cut funding on prevention

As the West battles one catastrophic wildfire after another, the federal government is spending less and less on its main program for preventing blazes in the first place.
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Colorado Wildfire Task Force considering tougher limits for home development in burn zones

As firefighting crews continue to tackle what has become the state's most destructive fire in Colorado history, a wildfire task force created by Governor John Hickenlooper has been at work drafting tougher limits for home development in burn zones.
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Fires impacting Arizona’s water

Few things are as refreshing as an ice-cold glass of water on a sizzling Arizona summer day. However, many of us do not look past the faucet to consider the journey water takes to quench our thirst. In fact, most of the water in Arizona’s reservoirs comes in as runoff from our forested uplands.
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Colorado Wildfire Forces Thousands to Evacuate

A wildfire in Colorado has destroyed at least 360 homes, as the most destructive blaze in the state's history burned out of control for a third day through miles of tinder-dry woods.
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Senate ENR panel to examine wildland fire management

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee tomorrow will discuss the federal government's management of wildfire, including its preparedness to battle blazes this summer.
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Feds provide funds for restoring Colorado’s wildfire-impacted watersheds

While firefighters work to protect communities from wildfires blazing around the state, federal funds are coming in to help other areas address water pollution caused by fires.
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Arizona forest fires: High-tech equipment aids fight

Tablet computers and satellites have been added to the weapons deployed in Arizona’s battle to save its clogged, fire-prone ponderosa pine forests.
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