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In harm's way--Part 2: Protection efforts lag

Sally Dickman and Terry Palmberg were in the yard of their Yarnell guest house on a fall afternoon, stuffing vines, leaves and any woody scrap they could find into trash bags.
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In harm's way--part 1: homes, firefighters in peril

The Granite Mountain Hotshots were in a perilous position even before the winds shifted that late-June afternoon
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Use small fires to prevent the big burn

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK - Firefighters dropped a flaming gasoline-diesel mix in the grass here last month and watched as fire crept through shrubs and climbed low-hanging pine limbs, burning up at least 90 years of accumulated wildfire hazards from the forest that rings the South Rim’s historic
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Saving Arizona's threatened landscape

Arizona’s forests are treasured landscapes that support the quality of life we all enjoy. Our forests provide solace and recreation, drinking water and habitat for wildlife. We’ve grown to expect that Arizona’s forests will remain healthy and resilient for existing and future generations to enjoy.
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An Interview With NAU President John Haeger: Looking Back...And To The Future

At the end of this summer, Northern Arizona University President John Haeger announced his plan to retire at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year. During his presidency, Haeger has helped grown NAU into a research-based campus with an emphasis on brining in first-generation college students and
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Experts Discuss How To Preserve Arizona's Forests

Too little water and too many trees is a combination leading to mega-fires.
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Wildfires still pose risk for Arizona in slow year

A strong monsoon doused Arizona’s deadliest wildfire season, shortening its duration and reducing the risk of fire in previously dry forests and deserts.
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Wildfire outlook still grim after monsoon ends fire season

PHOENIX (AP) - The long-term wildfire threat remains grim in Arizona even after a strong array of monsoon storms that doused fires and shortened this year's season.
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Arizona's wildfire solutions languish

In the wake of 2002’s devastating Rodeo-Chediski Fire, state policy makers surveyed the miles of charred ponderosa stands and set out to devise a plan that would prevent or at least minimize future infernos.
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Final environmental statement available for rim lakes project

The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD) for the Rim Lakes Forest Restoration Project have been completed. Forest Supervisor Jim Zornes is the responsible official who signed the ROD on July 23.
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