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Forty years in forestry earns NAU Regents’ professor prestigious award

Over four decades of study, forestry professor and restoration ecologist Wally Covington has seen trees compete for water and sunlight, struggle with insects and disease, turn to ash in wildfires. He has also seen the future in the past—what a forest should look like through what it used to look
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Octocopter drone an NAU first

The octocopter is the newest contributor to Sankey’s collection of satellite and airplane-based data. The Northern Arizona University professor’s research focuses on analyzing images collected by remote imaging sensors on various aerial devices in order to measure the effects of human and natural
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Mixed-conifer forests at risk for high-severity wildfire

Northern Arizona University scientists are calling for accelerated restoration of mixed-conifer forests in a paper published this month in Forest Ecology and Management. These landscapes are at extreme risk for uncharacteristic wildfire because of tree density, fire suppression and warmer
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