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NAU researcher finds forest treatment contributes to increased snowpack

After analyzing thousands of images from satellites and airplane-flown sensors, Teki Sankey, Northern Arizona University ecologist and remote sensing scientist, concluded that forest thinning increases snow accumulations on the ground and allows snow to linger during the spring melt. The combined
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Science, collaboration in action

This week, we celebrate the signing of the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project‘s final Record of Decision by the U.S. Forest Service, which clears a total of 8,669 acres for treatment through mechanical thinning, hand thinning and prescribed burning. The watershed project is a monumental event
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SRP Healthy Forests Conference

Water has been a source of news lately, from the discovery of water on Mars to the exacerbated droughts in California. Concern about water is nothing new to us in our desert state of Arizona, but not everyone knows to be concerned about the one thing that directly impacts our water quality: our
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