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Controversial forest restoration contractor draws vote of support

We’ve had our differences — but we’re behind you now. That’s the message in a resolution adopted by the diverse group of environmentalists, loggers and local officials supporting the U.S. Forest Service’s controversial choice of a private contractor to launch the landmark 4-Forest Restoration
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City bonds would pay for thinning

Flagstaff residents will decide on Nov. 6 whether to pay $10 million up front to thin forests on Mount Elden and near Lake Mary or possibly tens of millions of dollars more later if they don't.
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U.S. runs out of funds to battle wildfires

In the worst wildfire season on record, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service ran out of money to pay for firefighters, fire trucks and aircraft that dump retardant on monstrous flames.
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Rogers Lake thinning projects 'like getting a haircut'

'It's kind of like getting a haircut," said Centennial Forest Manager Cheryl Miller. "It takes a little while to get used to and a little time to grow into something that looks right."
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