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Illegal cutting hits juniper trees east of Flagstaff

Over the past three months, Steve Kenyon has found dozens of juniper stumps that have been illegally cut near his home in the Townsend-Winona area. The trees are part of the Coconino National Forest and the Forest Service has started an investigation into the illegal cutting, agency officials said.
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NAU professor earns grant to measure economic value of forest ecosystems

How much is a tree worth? Julie Mueller is going to find out.
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Big Man on Campus heads north to NAU in Flagstaff

To most folks from the Valley, Flagstaff is a nice cool getaway during the summer. However, when the Big Man on Campus looked into NAU, he found some amazing things happening on campus that are getting worldwide attention.
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What went wrong?

It began in flames. The Big Burn swept through 3 million acres in the northwest in 1910, consuming whole towns and killing 87 people – most of them firefighters. It ended in flames 80 years later.
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Expert: climate change, giant wildfires pose great risk to Arizona's forests

According to those who study the wildfires that have devastated Arizona, the state remains in an era of catastrophic forest fires. Before forests became so thick with Ponderosa pine, small fires would burn away the brush, which thins out the forests. Now, however, scientists say the size of our
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What's behind the Kendrick Mountain fire's $9.4 million price tag?

For much of the month of June, Kendrick Mountain was a beehive of activity as hundreds of firefighters streamed in from across the country to dig fire lines, fly aerial ignition missions, light backburns and protect private property around the Boundary Fire. At its height, nearly 500 people were
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Decades after the Radio Fire, how Mount Elden's recovery is playing out

The smooth white trunks of what were once towering conifers stand like twisted tombstones at the top of Mount Elden. Standing tall on grass-covered slopes, the trees serve as stark markers of the Radio Fire, a blaze that started from an abandoned campfire, then raced up and over the mountain 40
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4FRI looks to reboot

In mid-March Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell received a stern letter from the office of Arizona’s senior senator. The letter from Sen. John McCain focused on the largest contractor on the 2.4 million-acre Four Forest Restoration Initiative, or 4FRI. The company, Good Earth Power AZ, had thinned
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Managed wildfires could be doing more in forests around Flagstaff

ach spring and summer when lightning strikes in northern Arizona’s ponderosa pine forests, fire managers no longer rush to suppress any flame that may be sparked. In recent years their charge has been to instead evaluate whether a naturally-caused fire could be allowed to burn for the benefit of
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Wildfire, flood risks spur forest thinning near Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A project to thin the forests of overgrown trees and brush around Flagstaff will expand this year to reduce the risk of wildfires and flooding.
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