The ERI Publications page provides links to our various publications, such as White Papers, Working Papers and Fact Sheets. By clicking on the “Library” link, you can search more than 700 ERI journal articles, publications and documents. These publications present the latest, best-available science and research of ecological and socio-economic issues related to restoration of fire-adapted forests and woodlands.

ERI Fact Sheets are typically 2-page syntheses of primary research conducted by ERI scientists and affiliated researchers such as published or peer reviewed journal articles, working papers, or evidence-based systematic reviews.

 ERI White Papers are written for policy makers, elected officials and other decision-makers. They explore social or economic issues such as carbon credits, smoke, stewardship contracting, or wildfire cost accounting in an effort to inform a policy action or recommendation.

 ERI Working Papers are intended to deliver applicable science to land managers and practitioners in a concise, clear, non-technical format. These papers provide guidance on management decisions surrounding ecological restoration topics.

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