ERI/Kirk Smith Scholarship

One scholarship of particular interest to ERI students is the ERI/Kirk Smith Scholarship, for which applications are accepted in February of every year. The ERI Kirk Smith Student Scholarship was set up by the family shortly after Kirk's death.  

Kirk's widow, Jessie, who served faithfully on the scholarship committee, was also lost to us in a tragic event in April 2010. Donations in both Kirk and Jessie's honor can be made to the scholarship.

ERI/Kirk Smith scholarship award winners, 2010
ERI/Kirk Smith scholarship award winners, 2010

There are also many undergraduate research and grant opportunities to apply for; the following are a few examples:

Student Travel Grant Program
Travel funding to present your research at a conference or participate in a scholarly event. 

Hooper Undergraduate Research Award Program
Financial awards for undergraduate research projects conducted in partnership with a faculty mentor. 

NAU Scholarship Application Form
Students should fill this out each year to help NAU's scholarship office match you to available scholarships. 

Strategies for Ecology Education, Development and Sustainability (SEEDS)
All-expense paid field trips and research funding for minority students. 

Morris K. Udall Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship 
Financial award of $5000 to juniors and seniors in fields related to the environment.