The following clinical services are provided; please call 928-523-1552 if you wish to schedule an appointment

Short-term counseling

Counseling services are available to all benefit-eligible employees and their covered family members.

  • Work-related issues
  • Marriage and family concerns
  • Grief and loss
  • Substance use/addictions
  • Depression, stress, and anxiety
  • Lifestyle management issues

Critical incident response

Individuals and work groups may encounter personal and work-related emergencies. EAW staff are available during the work day to assist.

Please note: The office cannot respond to after-hours emergencies.

Emergency numbers are available by calling 928-523-1552 or visit more contact information.


Consultation assists supervisors in dealing with workplace challenges. It may be used to help identify problem areas, design intervention strategies, and develop positive action plans. Consultation may also be useful to employees with concerns about a family member or friend.

Conflict management

EAW staff assist in facilitating communication between two or more people in the workplace. These discussions focus on finding areas of compromise, promoting positive communication, and developing a healthy work environment.

Seminars and workshops

A variety of wellness workshops are offered each semester for NAU faculty and staff. Programs may also be coordinated on request from departments and groups. Please call for more information. For a list of current programs, please visit the Calendar of Events page.

Information and referral

Information and referrals are provided to campus and community resources.

For further information about specific behavioral health benefits, contact the Human Resources Benefits office, 928-523-2225.