Our services

Our services are designed for students who can benefit from short-term counseling. In your Initial Assessment meeting with a counselor, your counseling needs and the appropriate services will be discussed. In some cases, referrals to community resources will be made.

We provide the following services: 

  • Brief assessment – Short 15-20 min appointment to determine what services will best help you address your concerns.
  • Individual counseling – Individual support for psychological concerns.
  • Couples counseling – Address and receive feedback on relationship concerns with your partner and a professional.
  • Group counseling – We offer a number of therapy groups each semester addressing many issues that a college student could be going through.
  • Behavior-related assessment
  • Substance abuse program – Seek support in our Substance Abuse Program. 
  • Educational programs and workshops – On  a variety of issues designed to help you get the most out of your academic experience. 
  • Triage services – For students experiencing a psychological emergency (e.g., suicidal/homicidal ideation or intent, recent sexual assault, serious trauma).

We do not offer family or child counseling, although counselors can discuss referrals to family or child therapists in the community.

How to schedule an appointment

Whether you would like to make an appointment for counseling or have been referred to us, we can help.


  • Schedule a Brief Assessment by calling the front desk at (928)523-2261, or come in to our office in the Health and Learning Center for a first-come, first-served (walk in) appointment. Walk in appointments are available 10:00-4:00.
  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to complete required electronic forms.

For issues requiring immediate attention, you can:

  • Come into the HLC for a walk in appointment during the hours listed above or
  • If it is an after-hours psychological emergency, call the on-call counselor at (928)523-2261.

Your first counseling appointment is free. Please be aware, however, that if you don’t show up to your appointment without cancelling in advance, you will be charged for the session.

Substance abuse (forced referrals) You are required to contact Counseling Services (CS) within FIVE working days after signing this referral

  1. Contact Counseling Services (CS) within FIVE working days after receiving the referral.
  2. To start this process, you must contact CS between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday, to schedule an appointment for the Healthy Choices Class. Appointments can be made by phone. Healthy Choices Classes are offered on Wednesday and Friday afternoons only. If you cannot attend a class on one of these days, you must call CS and speak with Hannah Nunez, Substance Abuse Program Coordinator.
  3. During the Healthy Choices Class, you will meet with a SAP Counselor and will be referred to further educational or therapeutic options, including one personalized feedback session or individual counseling.
  4. Your student LOUIE account will be charged a $150 fee. This fee will cover the required costs of the SAP, but additional no-show fees may be charged in the event that you fail to attend a scheduled appointment or fail to cancel the appointment with appropriate advanced notice (minimum of two hours notice is required).
  5. As part of this process, you will likely be required to complete an online assessment, BASICS Feedback. The responses provided, as well as all other personal information, will be kept confidential between you and the CS Counselor(s) you meet with. 

Behavior-Related Assessment (BRA) referrals

  • Schedule an appointment within five days of being referred to Counseling Services. Call the front desk at 928-523-2261 or come in to our office in the Health and Learning Center.
  • Arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order to complete required electronic forms.
  • Complete online forms prior to your appointment. Follow the directions you will receive in a secure message after you have scheduled your appointment.
  • Come to your appointment: if you don’t show up, a notice of non-compliance will be sent to your referral source and you will be charged a fee.

AAAHC logoCounseling Services is accredited by Accreditation Association for Ambulatory HealthCare, Inc.