Guide for faculty and staff

It is important that our Northern Arizona University faculty and staff provide help to students who may be in need of counseling and psychological services. There are three ways that university employees can serve as an intermediary for a student showing signs of need. You can:

  • express your concern to the student and suggest that the he or she either call or go to Counseling Services to connect with a counselor
  • show your willingness to accompany the student to Counseling Services to help him or her make an appointment
  • call the center at 928-523-2261 and discuss your concerns with a counselor; in this telephone consultation, the counselor can help assess the situation and make recommendations for the next steps

If you become aware of a psychological emergency or a crisis involving a student after regular business hours or on a weekend, a counselor can be contacted by calling Counseling Services’ answering service at 928-523-2261 and requesting contact with the Emergency Counselor.


Licensed psychologists, certified counselors, and their supervisees are constrained, by law and ethical guidelines, from sharing information concerning students who receive help at Counseling Services.

Therefore, we cannot respond to requests for information. However, we are able to listen to your concerns about a student, and we will try to respond to questions of a general nature.

For more information on how to best assist your students, check out our PDF guide.

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