Eligibility and cost information

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Learn more about Counseling Services’ eligibility and cost information.

Type of services

We operate from a short-term, brief therapy model. Should students request or require more intensive, more frequent, or longer-term treatment, they will be assisted in connecting with a community provider who can better meet their needs. 

Who is eligible?

All Northern Arizona University students are eligible for an initial meeting and, if appropriate, counseling. University employees who are taking courses and whose positions are "benefit eligible" will need to seek counseling services at the Employee Assistance and Wellness (EAW) office.

How much do counseling services cost?
The first counseling appointment during a student’s lifetime is free for all Northern Arizona University students. Services beyond that initial appointment have differing costs, depending on the student's account status. Any student who is enrolled for one or more credit hours and has paid the Health and Recreation fee for the current semester will be eligible for services at a reduced rate. If you have not paid the Health and Recreation fee, you will be charged the standard rate for services.

Cost breakdown

  • initial appointment: no charge for the first in the student’s lifetime; subsequent sessions are charged at the same rate as individual counseling sessions
Individual counseling:
  • $25 per session (reduced rate)
  • $50 per session (standard rate, if you have not paid the health and recreation fee for the current term)
Couples counseling:
  • $25 per session (reduced rate)
  • $50 per session, per person (standard rate, if you have not paid the health and recreation fee for the current term). Registered student will be billed for both people

Group Counseling:

  • $5 per session
  • Minimum of 4 sessions    

Emergency services: no charge

Behavior Related Assessments: no charge
Forced Referrals for Substance Abuse: $150

All fees will be charged to your student account (LOUIE).  Campus Health Services now offers you the opportunity to pay for your appointment as you check out.  Please see someone from Patient Services to find out how to pay the day of your appointment. 

How much do alcohol/drug screenings cost?

Alcohol/drug screenings cost $150. This fee covers the:

  • healthy choices class
  • assessments
  • scoring
  • interpretations
  • one-on-one meetings with a counselor to:
  • review the personalized feedback
  • make referrals

If counseling is recommended at Counseling Services or at other community agencies, those specific costs are the responsibility of the student.

Cancellation charges

Counseling Services will charge $25 to your student account for appointments that you:

  • do not attend without canceling more than two hours in advance
  • are more than 10 minutes late for

These charges will appear on your account as Campus Health Services. Northern Arizona University reserves the right to turn this bill over to a collection agency. To avoid this charge, please cancel your appointment at least two hours in advance by calling the Counseling Services front desk at 928-523-2261 during business hours. Business hours are:

  • Monday-Friday, 8 a.m-5 p.m. (during the fall and spring semesters)

If your appointment is in the first two hours of the morning and you were unable to call and cancel the day before, you will not be charged if you call within the first 15 minutes the center is open.

After business hours, this number is only for psychological emergencies.