NAU’s Counseling Services is keenly aware of the unprecedented natural disasters inflicted upon large parts of the United States as well as other countries.  Our hearts go out to those affected by these terrible tragedies and we are continuously monitoring events as they unfold.  Please know that NAU’s Counseling Services is committed to supporting our affected friends, family, and colleagues.  Furthermore, we want to reiterate our dedication to supporting any and all from our NAU community.

If you or someone you know needs support or resources, please call us at (928) 523-2261 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.   We also have walk-in appointments available every day from 10:00am-4:00pm. 


Watch Video: Coping With Natural Disasters

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These video instructions are located directy above a YouTube video. Hit the DOWN arrow key until you hear the words FLASH START. Once the screen reader is inside the FLASH OBJECT, hit the TAB key about 7 times until you hear PLAY BUTTON a second time. Hit the Spacebar key to play the video. You can then hit the Spacebar key again to pause the video. Feel free to hit TAB and TAB+SHIFT to listen to all the buttons in the FLASH OBJECT. Sometimes the PLAY button and the PAUSE button will be listed as an UNLABLED BUTTON.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services (CS) works to enhance the psychological growth, emotional well-being, and learning potential of Northern Arizona University students. We can help you overcome many different concerns, including:

  • adjustment to college
  • relationships
  • depression
  • eating concerns 
  • anxiety and stress
  • substance abuse
  • academic issues
  • career and vocational issues

We provide short-term individual and couples counseling, group counseling, crisis services, psychoeducational outreach, and consultation about students of concern. For an idea of what to expect during your first visit click hereCounseling Services staff members do not write letters of support for assistance animals at the request of a client/student. 


Counseling Services wants to assure you that we take the privacy of your communications with us very seriously.  Mental health records laws contain strict standards regarding the release of records, and we and other University administrators are diligent in our efforts to protect your records from unauthorized access.  If you have any questions about the privacy of your records with Counseling Services, please feel free to address this concern with your clinician.  You may also contact the Director of Counseling Services, Dr. Carol O’Saben, at 928-523-2261. 

Thank you for entrusting us with your care.


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