Contract Routing

Contracts must be routed to Contracting and Purchasing Services for signature using a Contract Signature Request (CSR) form, allowing ample time to review, negotiate and sign the contract.  A good estimate of the time needed to appropriately process a contract is thirty (30) days, keeping in mind complex agreements can take several months to negotiate.  The CSR form must be completed in its entirety in order to provide the Contracting office with enough information to process the contract.  The requesting department shall work out any operational details of the contract with the contractor prior to routing the contract to Contracting and Purchasing Services for signature.

The Responsible Departmental Representative signs the CSR form to indicate that they have read and can administer the contract from an operational perspective.  The individual that signs the CSR as the Responsible Departmental Representative is considered the departmental contract administrator and is responsible to ensure that all requirements of the contract are met.  Any changes to the contract or in the event the contract needs to be cancelled, the department must contact Contracting and Purchasing Services for processing.